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These days during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to adapt to the new normal that we may never experience before. One of the new normal things is intranet utilisation. This article discusses the things on how we manage to make intranet as a tool to ease up our daily productivity and safety through intranet. Granted that we have utilised intranet pre-COVID-19 era, but how do we get everything safely on our hands when too much information is afloat on the internet?  


Intranet serves a broad range of functions and purposes. Quoting from interact, by definition intranet is, “a private enterprise network, designed to support an organization’s employees to communicate, collaborate and perform their roles.” One thing that you may go unnoticed up until this point, we may have used intranet in our daily business lives. We design our own systems to ensure our business to run smoothly. In our complex usual daily business lives, we encounter so many challenges already, yet this pandemic has pushed us into more challenges that we have never foreseen before. 

Health and benefits

The information that we get daily from the media can be very overwhelming. As an individual, it could be very confusing to accept which information we can digest. Several companies and institutions have implemented the same policy, which is compiling usual information for their employees all regarding the COVID-19 issues. The information that allows the employee to keep updated and safe. The materials may vary from mental health matters in going through this pandemic, emergency contacts, open donations for employees, and so on.


Virtual-work help

The majority of the employees’ populations in this world are new to the concept of working from home. Therefore, a virtual-work help may come as a rescue to the employees who are still learning to adapt to it. One of the several issues that we may have is communication issues. A virtual-work help is practical to educate the employees on how to cope with the situation and still work productively following the team’s workflow.


Work-process changes and guidance due to COVID-19

We can lose track of productivity during this time. We could also lose track of time which sometimes leads to overwhelming task management. That is why a tool to help us to stay on track is essential. It is a platform to manage tasks and to record the attendance of the employees. Basically, it can be an administrative purposes platform for the employees as well as a space to upload daily tasks to keep us afloat in the business.


Connection and engagement opportunities

Intranet can be a network for your employees to grow personally and professionally. It can give you opportunities to connect with your co-workers too. Since you are away from your co-workers, the intranet can be a sharing-platform for you to still connected by sharing a video message, new daily life stories while doing WFH, food or movies, or book recommendations sharing, etc.



Nielsen and Norman Group, an American User Interface and User Experience company, includes our Workforce Management Systems (WMS) as one of the intranet systems that allows us to stay on track to be productive during this crisis. Our application has been reviewed as a platform to help the employers to track their employees while doing their work from home. To support the government’s policy, this application can track your location making sure that you are staying home and performing your tasks. 

You can monitor your co-workers’ performance through one tap of your thumb. From your co-workers’ attendance, working hours, submit leave, apply over-time are all on one hand; these are some of the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) that we may be familiar with before. If you haven’t utilized HRIS prior to reading this post, we suggest that you try this one now.  Since we are going to face the new normal soon in the future, this is the chance for you to actually get to know and maximise the utilisation of it more than ever.

You can start by registering your company here. And find out more features you can choose to support your business!

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