Extra Tips to Save Your Business during covid 19 pandemic

We discussed how countries in Southeast Asia handle Pandemic in its complexities in the previous article. This article is aimed to give you a better understanding of some steps you need to consider as your survival go-to during the pandemic.

Here are some extra tips for your company to survive during the “New Normal“:


1.Have your legal team to study and keep updated with the government policies


COVID-19 is a new thing, not only the vaccine invention that is still uncertain, but the government policy in handling the chaos is also unreliably changing from time to time. Thus, having your legal team to catch up with the latest update is vital for your business. Government restriction may cause some conditions in several industries and health protocols. Hence, your update on the policy change is crucial to avoid unwanted things (e.g.: force closure).



2.Create a team to implement a safe working place policy in the office parameter (if your business still has to operate in the office/ field)


When your organization’s productivity depends on human interaction or your product does not necessarily include in the policy allowed by the government to stay operating, there should be some extra precaution and measure. It is important to follow the health protocol made by the WHO (World Health Organization) also to avoid the virus spread among your employees.



3. Quantify your company’s finance (strength, weakness and flow, if you need to hire a financial consultant to assess your book) 


In the previous article, we talked about hiring a third party to help you make correct decisions. By the uncertainty produced by the pandemic, your regular business operations and plan may not be effective or worse, plunging your business into bankruptcy. So, the third party (a consultant or two) may give you a better understanding. It is also essential to have a second opinion if you already have a decision prior to hiring a consultant.



4.Understand and innovate your company’s working culture better


Work From Home is part of the new normal these days. The health protocol issues by the WHO does not allow any office to have employees more than 50% in the office parameter. It means that your organization has to adjust to that kind of working condition. Your existing-working culture needs to change and improve to create a better environment for your employees’ productivity. Improve your organization working culture (maintain productivity, communication and workflow). 



5.Make sure your co-workers are adapting to the new culture.


Your in-house HR department will have to step up and raise the game here. It will be the player who makes sure that the new office operation and protocols are obeyed and well-functioned. Each of the members of the team will need to actively communicate with other employees so every employee can keep up with the latest information, government regulations and company policy too. This can also help to drive the productivity of your colleagues when they are well-connected and informed.



4.Build/ apply some new technology to ease your company administration (if you haven’t had one, to minimize paperwork and human interaction)


If your office is still holding on to many papers to deal with your employees’ administration, now is the best time an the best reason for you to leave it behind. That kind of activity,  is not only slowing your bureaucracy but also involves more human interaction. Meanwhile, this pandemic is condemning us to have physical interaction. Here is a tool that you can use to improve your staff’s administration from mobile attendance to leave application to productivity record, all in one very affordable subscription service.



5.Get to know more about your co-workers.


If your company is a small or medium startup, you may find this point useless. However, if your corporation is an established company, this one is the best advice we can give you. Letting yourself to dig up about your staffs’ potential is like mining free gold. You may be surprised by the agility that your staff may have without you knowing previously. Innovation that they may contribute to your business may also come in handy somehow, especially during a survival mode like nowadays.

AUTHOR: Karina
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