Corporate Social Responsibility Program

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Elabram holds a charity event again this year. The charity event is part of our corporate social responsibility program of Elabram. It usually takes place in an orphanage or a nursing home. It’s been going on for years that every division at Elabram Indonesia has had the opportunity to go through it accordingly.

COVID-19 Won’t Stand In Our Way

Elabram CharityHowever, during the current situation, only our People and Performance (PnP) team who is allowed to do the charity. We resume our regular monthly program by following safe and health protocol. So, on August 26th, 2020, the team that consists of Widya Zikrillah, Farrell Shidqi Halilintar, Moh. Fadhil, Martin Maruli visited Yayasan Rumah Ramah Sejahtera in Jakarta. With the house which hosts 15 unfortunate children, we were donating some food supplies and sanitary products. Due to the limited physical interaction, we did not spend much time over there in order to get to know each other.


Future Plan

We’d love to do it more often, spreading some joy to the children or more underprivileged people who need our assistance. Showing support and giving back to the local community is important for us and it’s also part of our value as a company.


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