Finding jobs on LinkedIn, what should you do?

Have you ever been in a place where you are asking, “what has LinkedIn done for my career? Should I keep using it? What can LinkedIn do to excel in my career? “How does it work?”

As a job-seeker, you are very valid to have that kind of thought. On a deeper level, you may begin to think about how this online site works its magic. Well, it is not too late to maximise your LinkedIn account to excel in your own career. The question is “HOW?” 

There are 3 things you need to know. LinkedIn can connect you to your dream job in 3 ways:

  1. You can utilise LinkedIn features to find advertised job vacancies.
  2. You can find your connections and post some recruitment in their office/clients.
  3. Recruiters utilise LinkedIn to find candidates to fill available job openings.

Let’s dissect one by one.


First of all, before you use this feature, you have to do one thing: have your page to be sorted out. It means that you have to make your current and past employment to be clear by writing their description. Make sure you write your title/position and its description as true as it is. Choose simple language and make it compact (not too long and understandable) and you may attach a file or two as evidence of your work or achievements. These are the “food” to feed the algorithm. It is very helpful for LinkedIn to provide you the suggestions that match your skill, capability and competence. 

For example: if your latest position is Marketing Manager, the openings that are served to you might be Brand Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Associate, Sales and Marketing Associate. 

This may also work better if you also let LinkedIn know what your interests are.


As you are building connections on your LinkedIn, you will definitely find several of them posting some job openings in their offices. Another way, you are a connection with a recruiter who happens to post some available positions that may suit you on behalf of their clients. Thus, you should not have any hesitation to contact them. You can show your interest in the comment section or politely leave a message that you want to have a chance in the recruitment process. By asking them politely how to start the process, sending your resume, and being in touch with them to be one step ahead of the battle.


You might be wondering about some of your friends and connections who never attempted to apply for any job but always got new ones. Pssst! The secret is that they have excelled on their LinkedIn page so they are so easily found. Is that even possible? Yes. Other reasons why they are so “attractive” is that:

  1. They present themselves neatly so the recruiters/ HR personnel are assured that they are competent in their area of expertise.
  2. They make time to update their page often so LinkedIn detects their pages as “active” so the algorithm is definitely working on their side.

You may be wondering now, how to make yourself present in the realm of LinkedIn. Click here (next article) to get some extra tips to improve your page.

Bonus tip:

As a job-seeker, there is no harm of scrolling down your feed. You can follow some “good” or informative pages like the World Economic Forum or other organizations. It is also applicable for you to follow some experts who contribute to some well-known news or professional magazine. Read or watch their content and try to show yourself to the world, by writing a comment or joining the discussion, Therefore, you are boosting your presence online and championing the algorithm game.


Good Luck!


AUTHOR: Karina
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