to be impressive profile with linkedin profile optimisations

Hey Job-seekers! Do you ever wonder how your friends or connection always have that kind of career improvement without having themselves seek for a new job? 

This article is to answer that question. And the most important is to help you become one of them. We are eager to help you to land your dream job.

In this era, where you don’t need to go physically to the office and drop your Curriculum Vitae and wait for hours to get your turn for an indefinite interview, YOU! Yes, you! You can always let yourself be present and be found on LinkedIn. Yes, we acknowledge that you may have some fear that this COVID-19 situation will not allow you to find a new job. Or you may worry that you will never find one after having a job termination. Don’t you worry, the world is still evolving and many companies are still hiring VIRTUALLY. 

So let’s get your head in the game!

2 things you need to take notice first: 

  1. Your page needs to look attractive
  2. Your activity on LinkedIn to boost your online presence



Here are some details on LinkedIn you urgently need to complete:

–  Write job descriptions on each of your experiences (elaborate is as neatly as possible)

–  Certifications

–  Organizational Skills

–  Skills & Endorsements

–  Position Title

–  Recommendation (Optional, but if you can get one or two that would help a huge deal)

–  Accomplishment (Language Ability, Publication, etc.)

–  Summarize your Profile is a plus.

It is known to the world that you need to do these in English. It shows that you can do more than speaking in your mother tongue. Your communication in English can be measured (a little bit) here, make sure you write everything down clearly, no typos and no exaggeration. 


You know that you need to exist before being found. So, after re-doing all of your LinkedIn page content, you definitely have to show the world that you are there. Your online engagement can boost your profile so that the recruiters can find you more easily. If you haven’t done so, let’s check these list:

  • Build Connections (add your old friends or colleagues or others so that your connections can grow, this will allow you to expand your “bubble”)
  • Follow Company Accounts (choose that you have most interest with so that you can stay alert if they post any new job openings)
  • Enhance HR/ Recruiter Connections (you can always appear on their feed if you post something on your page. You can share some news, post some articles, or if you just finish your online class, like what’s trending now, you can share the certification and results)
  • Check Hashtag (e: #Loker #jobs #career etc. be creative and informed with trending or related hashtags)

So, are you ready for being HUNTED?

AUTHOR: Karina
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