Top 4 in demand tech jobs

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed 2020 and the foreseeable future for people, businesses, and communities around the world. Half of all workers have reevaluated their current situation and decided to make a major change.

It’s obvious to everyone that the technology industry is booming. Currently, the tech industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing work sectors. With new jobs emerging almost every year, it is challenging to choose which one is the best for your career.

Next year, whoever wants to start a career as tech experts and has experience will be spoiled for the job market choice. In the Jobs of Tomorrow report, the World Economic Forum identifies seven high-growth emerging professions—and, out of the seven, data and AI show the highest growth rate at 41% per year.

Here are four of the specialized tech job titles expected to be in strong demand for the foreseeable future. 


Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI is highly in demand as the technology industry focuses on the modern automation market. It is also most likely to trace an upward graph due to the appalling effect of COVID-19.  Therefore, many businesses employ AI professionals in the middle of this crisis.

Artificial intelligence engineers are people involved in problem-solving or automation technology. They create, test, and implement AI models along with the handling of the AI infrastructure. 

This kind of job will work with algorithms, neural networks, and other methods to advance artificial intelligence in a certain way. They also navigate through conventional models of software and machine learning.

As this position requires scientific and technological breakthroughs, those in this role will make a major and lasting difference to millions’ work and lives. A career in AI means a job full of ongoing learning and development, working on exciting initiatives, and a varied list of projects that will never be the same.

Data Analyst

Every company collects data, whether it’s sales figures, market research, logistics, or transportation costs. Data is one of the most valuable things companies have in today’s world, particularly in the tech industry.

Data Analyst’s main job is to assess raw data. Also, they work with AI systems to identify trends, patterns, and using these insights to create new strategies and solutions to existing problems. 

Other duties include collecting and analyzing data sets from diverse sources to inform business decisions and present accurate predictions.

Since this position will be one of the most looking jobs as a job seeker, you need to prepare your skill and experience such as;

  • Ability to analyze large data sets and filter relevant data sets
  • Attention to detail, an analytical mind, and problem-solving ability
  • Experience in data modeling and reporting software
  • Ability to write actionable reports in clear language


Data Scientist

Data science is a diverse field with a wide range of responsibilities depending on the company or industry. The data scientist evaluates data to provide business insights. Duties typically include creating machine-based learning tools for the tech company, such as recommendation engines or expanded artificial intelligence (A.I.) functions.

Data scientists’ daily job is to collect, clean, and organize data and perform statistical and predictive analysis. To break into this field, you need quite a handful of skills and experience.

Data scientists need business savvy character and communication abilities in addition to statistics, mathematics, and computer science skills. Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and R, is often necessary for the job.  Machine learning skills are valued in this role, as well.

The number of job openings in Data Science is enormous and shows no sign of slowing. With this high demand, the data scientist is an easy choice for any list of the best technology jobs.


Big Data Engineer

The idea of Big Data has been surrounding throughout recent years. Several businesses understand the importance of collecting the data, implement Big Data analytics, and get practical value from it. Big Data has revolutionized the world, and organizations to increase their market efficiency, products, and business decision-making. 

These professionals typically work with the company’s software and hardware architecture and the systems. The role requires strong knowledge of statistics, extensive programming knowledge of Python, Java. 

There are unlimited opportunities in this career. Professionals with Big Data skills will keep moving forward with technology’s revolution.

A technology career might only be something for you if you are excited about work with computers, a creative problem solver, a team player, and a tech enthusiast.

Start to prepare to learn or upgrade on-demand tech skills that fit your career goals. These will be the most in-demand technology careers through 2021 and beyond, with unmatched job satisfaction.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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