HR Overview 2021

Evolution in human resources (HR) is nothing new. Technologies, laws, and social movements have always influenced the way professionals work. But, 2020 is a different story: COVID-19 has fueled other conversations and topics in HR departments.

Businesses were forced to adapt and improvise in unprecedented ways this year. It is particularly challenging for HR professionals. Almost every aspect of recruitment has been turned upside down since last year.

All teams shifted to remote working, and online team collaboration tools became much more essential than before. HR managers handled all this and more with grace and tenacity.

As we are now in 2021, HR teams will continue to remain an essential aspect of business growth and employee engagement. Let us look at some of the HR trends for 2021 and beyond that will impact the way we work.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion strategies become a hot topic in HR circles for some time. As companies strive to become more global, digital, and transparent. The issue of diversity and inclusion may not be overlooked.

Thus, a diverse and inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels equally involved and supported. It will not be limited to any person or performance in the business. It can influence a benefit to your business.

Implementation of diversity and inclusion training programs can support the talent acquisition process and employee engagement. It also enhances productivity, company reputation, and employee retention.

In 2021, HR staff will spend closer attention to their D&I initiatives to recruit new employees and create a sustained and inclusive workplace for their teams.


An employee’s career may last 30 to 40 years.  However, considering the speed of technological change, how can we prepare ourselves for the coming decades? 

With these changing times, HR teams must strive to adapt to the new situation and behaviour. Therefore, it is time to introduce new processes to ensure that employees have the right training and knowledge to tackle any challenges.

While this might be a double-sided sword, it will provide opportunities for continuous growth and development. This practice will also result in a workplace where there is scope for a professional upgrade.

Employee Wellness

As part of employee engagement, employee wellbeing will continue as the core area of HR professionals. Employers are aware of the importance of this concern and its impact on business success. 

As employees deal with more pressure than ever before, mental health conversation has entered the foreground, especially during the pandemic time. Indeed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40% of adults in the U.S. have reported mental health problems since the pandemic began.

Here are some points to keep in mind to take care of employee wellness:

  • HR teams must find ways to create wellness programs that promote a happy workplace and great organizational culture.
  • Instead of offering freebies like coffee machines, and indoor games, companies must ask employees what they want.
  • Companies must find the best ways to offer emotional and mental support to their employees. They must also create wellness programs that allow employees to achieve work-life balance.

HR Data-Driven

As we know, HR teams deal with numerous data for business administration. However, it appears that HR still requires additional insight from data analytics.

Data analytics can provide valuable information for business processes and their leaders. It offers smarter predictions and decisions about the workforce based on past data.

Thus, HR professionals will implement this insight to decide the best tools for employee productivity. It also demonstrates to the decision-makers the importance of this analysis

Remote Working

Maintaining and motivating employees who work remotely presents new challenges. According to the World Economic Forum, 98% of people would prefer to work remotely for the rest of their careers.

In this case, HR teams begin drawing up remote work policies to tackle different work situations in a wide variety of industries. With your strategies, new collaborative tools and tactics can help manage a workforce. It can distinguish employees that can work remotely and some who can’t.

By looking at these five hot topics in HR and understanding how such trends relate to their organizations, recruiters can continue to perform their businesses. They can still attract high-quality potential hires while keeping their current talent engaged and fulfilled.

Based on this information, the HR department has a heavy impact on how a business runs and its success. Running an agile and flexible HR department is critical to help organizations adopt and thrive, no matter the situation.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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