We spend most of our time at work. Not everybody loves their job, but we all deserve to feel comfortable and at ease in the workplace. 

Bullying is a harsh reality in many workplaces around the globe. According to Workplace Wellness System, bullying is not illegal in most countries. It can also affect an employee’s wellbeing nonetheless.

A Forbes survey found that 75% of employees had been affected in some way by workplace bullying. It can be a victim or as a witness.

Bullying by other office coworkers will affect the employee mental. This situation causes a decrease in the performance quality and satisfaction in the company. 

Thus, the company can reduce this negativity with five proactive ways. This method will prevent bullying and other forms of workplace harassment starting today. Check at the below.

Know what it looks like

Bullying in the workplace is different from the playground shoves and name-calling observed in children. These things include repeated mistreatment in a professional environment. 

Physical and verbal abuse is an obvious sign of bullying. However, the subtler signs include sabotaging a person’s success efforts.

If the bullying occurs, it is important to recognize this behavior and act early. It will help to maintain a culture where bullying is not tolerated.

Promote a positive workplace culture

Your leadership sets an example for the employee. Your attitude will reflect to subordinate to treat each other. Therefore, It is important to create a work culture based on respect, where bullying is not tolerated.

Workplace culture should make the staff feel valued. So they can treat one another the same way.

Train team members to recognize and report this issue

The company can also conduct skills training in solving conflict. This training can educate them to recognize respect. It also shows a positive environment in themselves as well as others. Some people may less realize that sometimes their behavior can be classified as bullying.

The company can consult an HR training expert about how to conduct this training. The employee must understand clearly what attitude is allowed at the workplace.

Have a zero-tolerance policy 

If the company develop an anti-harassment and discrimination policy, All employees would make it easy to understand and implement it.

A zero-tolerance policy makes employees feel safe and sound.  As a result, It affect to employee satisfaction and work productively.

Thus, the management have to consider accusations of bullying seriously. The company should educate clearly that this behaviour will never have space for anyone.

Take all reports of bullying seriously

The management do never ignore direct complaints or rumors of bullying in your workplace. The company should investigate immediately and professionally any workplace bullying. It can affect the employee’s bravery to report bullying incidents.

The longer a complaint goes undealt, the more victims may get bullied. You may also set precedence for this type of attitude.

Bullying is a growing problem among corporations all over the world. Research showed that bullying could lead to many stress-induced conditions and disorders. This condition is similar to employees who are harassed by others as well.

It’s important to remember that we are all responsible for creating and maintaining safe and respectful workplaces. The benefits of respect in the workplace are immeasurable. 

When respect is the norm, there is a greater sense of teamwork and collaboration. it results to higher productivity.  This situation improves morale across the board! It will also impact less downtime devoted to gripe sessions when there is a common feeling of respect among staff and leadership.

A “no tolerance” attitude against bullying can ensure a more satisfied, engaged, and more productive workforce in the long run. A “no tolerance” attitude against bullying can provide a more comfortable, engaged, and more productive workforce in the long run.

As one of the best HR solutions providers, Elabram also supports anti-workplace bullying by adopting the things above. 

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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