For a company, developing and hiring people is important. Why so? Because at the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.

As a recruiter, it’s your job to bring the best talents and make suitable candidates for your company or client. When you are recruiting from the best, you also need to be the outstanding one.

Being a recruiter is not an easy job as it requires excellent skills. You must be confident enough to judge someone’s skills level, character, behavior, and other qualities in a single meeting.

Besides the things above, to become a better HR professional, you can adapt habits and traits. Let’s look at the most significant practices that can help you become a more successful recruiter.

Get proactive about referral

Receiving referrals means that someone is looking for work or something new. Although these referrals may be qualified, they aren’t always top talent.

Get proactive about how you get referrals from your team members. Ask them who are interested in the specific role and who are not willing to move.

Adapt a modern approach

Technology is advancing and supporting the recruitment process. Every recruiter adopts it, which leads to a huge advantage. The actual use of technology dramatically increases your efficiency.

According to the 2018 Recruiter Nation Survey, 35-77% of recruiters use social media and job platforms to reach candidates. It shows that candidates right now prefer to use digital instead of using the old-school way.

If you are not using an innovative approach to find candidates, you will stay behind the competition. Implementing AI applications and tools simplifies the process. It also helps you more efficiently find the best applicants.

Candidate experience is matters

As a recruiter, you must create an environment where both you and the can thrive. When recruiting candidates, the experience becomes the world’s most important thing.

Technology helps us to connect with great talent easily. However, You can’t attract the top candidate if you don’t consider the experience correctly throughout the entire interview process.

While you were choosing the candidate, you can put your focus on the screening and interviewing section. Putting your focus on that can help you to make your decision later.

It’s crucial to think about and optimize your candidate experience. Because we live in an era where options are just one click away.

Please remember that the candidate’s decision to work with you is just as big as your business.

Reputation is everything

When you are recruiting a candidate, don’t make a reckless decision that will affect your reputation tomorrow. Recruiting can sometimes feel like a thankless career. 

Your efforts and hard work are being recognized by employees and candidates. It is a habit that makes a successful recruiter. Regardless of what people say, they always try to look better.

This will positively reflect on you and your employer for years to come. Always think long-term ahead into the future.

Perfect your outreach

As a recruiter, it’s your job to get prospects excited about the position. If the outreach you send is casual, you’ll be unable to get top talent for the required position. 

Perfecting your outreach is important. It can help you to get passive candidates and applicants for the interview. It can include sharing the right relevant details and giving the right insight.

Show the person that you reached was not simply part of a list to which you sent 100 emails. A personalized message will help to get better responses. 

Know your company business

Great recruiters know what their company needs even though they don’t need it yet. If you work in a specialized vertical sector, you need to always catch up with the latest trend and insights into the industry.

Monitor your company’s processes, patterns, and strategic decisions. Talk to all staff about where needs and pains lie.

This helps you work proactively to get the right talent exactly when your team is ready for it.

Ability to build relationships that last

Great recruiters discern the needs of their organization across all business units. People who work with you now also probably have an option to work with someone else.

Staying connected with individuals in similar positions across various organizations allows symbiotics sharing of resources and experiences.

A great recruiter knows how to connect with the top talent. Therefore, they know how to make them feel excited to become a part of the company vision. Becoming a great recruiter takes persistence, strategy, and the passion for connecting organizations with suitable candidates.

While strategy and knowledge are essential attributes of a successful recruiter, persistence and proactive nature are necessary. Successful recruiters make goal achievement a habit, not just a target.

To improve your actions and make a great result, try incorporating these seven recruitment habits into your day-to-day functions.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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