Five Effective Ways To Monitor And Track Employee Productivity

Monitoring employees’ productivity is the key to success at any company. If your company currently does not measure employee productivity, you are losing a lot of money.

There are several main reasons why employees are inefficient at work. It can be connected with the lack of interest in their responsibilities, demotivation, or working overtime.

The manager’s primary task is to organize the personnel’s work competently. Therefore, each team can perform their duties well and does not shift responsibility to others.

To improve your employee performance, you need to understand the employee’s role first. Hence, you can implement the right tools and practice to track and support them.

How do you measure each of your employee’s performance? If you don’t know how, please take your time to read this article. So, you can choose the ones that will work for your staff members.

Set Expectations and Goals First

Before measuring employee productivity, the first and most important thing is to set standards for every position expected for this task. 

The performance improvement will be difficult to track without clear and measurable productivity goals. In the age of remote work, briefing expectation is a good thing.

You can set clear expectations and deadlines. As a result, they can know how to perform accordingly. Therefore, your employees will no longer procrastinate but will accomplish tasks at a particular time.

With deadlines, your employees will no longer procrastinate, but they will accomplish tasks at a particular time. ​

With relevant goals established, you can then determine the metrics of employee performance. Thus it will improve the effectiveness of your company’s strategic priorities. 

As a result, your staff may feel more motivated to work. 

Appoint Regular Meetings

Managers play a critical role in leading improvements to the performance of their employees. Daily or weekly meetings are intended not only for listening to employees’ reports.

During staff meetings, the team usually discusses what they have achieved within a particular time. They are also planning for what they should do next week, month, etc.

Therefore, both daily or weekly meetings are a great chance to develop rapport and collect process improvement feedback from employees. It is also a perfect way to monitor your employees and to avoid both slacking and work overload.

Embrace The Employee Monitoring Tools

Employee monitoring software is the answer for you who don’t have time to remotely track your employees’ activities. The software is specially designed to track the productivity and performance of employees at work.

Modern employee monitoring programs offer an abundance of features for employers to check the productivity of every employee separately or the whole department. These tools can:

  • Keep your employees on task by clearly defining which jobs belong to who
  • Manage expectations by keeping everyone aware of deadlines
  • Create an open line of communication when it comes to projects

WMS is one of the employee monitoring tools that have task features. The features can monitor and manage your team’s task productivity on one page.

It is like bringing your team task schedule to the next level. The task management feature allows you to build great teamwork with the visualized task timeline.

Additionally, this software is suitable for tracking remote workers and checking if they’re productive while working from home. Before installing such an app on employees’ devices, ensure that your team members are aware of being monitored.

Ask For Daily Updates

Requesting regular updates from the employees is an excellent tool to keep them on track. Moreover, it is proof of their acknowledgement that they are responsible for their work.

By submitting the reports, managers will help you to identify your employees’ issues while working on a project. Based on the data report, you’ll see how much time your employees spend productively.

Furthermore, the data help you optimize the business process. It will help your team cope with all problems and avoid demotivation.

That’s why it is important to ask for daily updates to keep the employees motivated and on track.

Monitor The Workflow With Your Own Eyes

To improve employee productivity, you can use monitoring with your own eyes. These efficient ways will make the employee understand that your unexpected presence can happen at any time.


Being involved in the workflow will give you an insight into their performance. You can also ask if the employee has any questions or concerns about their task or ongoing project.

Unclearly stated tasks can also influence your team’s productivity.

Tracking employee productivity is essential to improve overall business productivity. Especially in current times, monitoring and maximizing productivity are more important than ever.

You can see individual levels of productivity, monitor performance, and guide employees for improvement. 

Employee monitoring software keeps your employees focused and protects your business from unwanted, lost hours of work. As a result, the operations and goals can stay on track.

Quick tips before you decide to buy the task-tracking apps make sure the software have three of this

  • GPS and time tracking
  • Performance tracking
  • Taking screenshot

With the right set of tools, your team’s productivity will skyrocket in no time. Therefore, deploy an employee productivity monitoring software now and see the surge in your employees’ productivity. 

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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