Job Rejections: Survive or Passed?

Some people may feel pessimistic about job rejection, especially if you attempt breaking into a competitive job market. It can make you feel emotional and cause you to lose motivation to keep looking for other career opportunities.

Although it is hard, rejection is just a normal part of the job-hunting process. Don’t make a job rejection a barrier for you to take other opportunities. So, it’s important to consider it as a learning process for self-development. 

Rejection is not a failure but this experience will lead you to your goals.  At the end, it will train you to become a stronger and better person.

Thus, we’ve listed six ways to cope with rejection, read on to know so you can get through this. 

Ask For Constructive Feedback

As we know, most companies send a rejection letter without detailed information why you missed the opportunity. This situation happens because working on specific feedback to every candidate is a complex effort.

However, getting feedback on your resume, interview technique, or experience can help you to land the next job. Therefore, you need the initiative to find the evaluation. For example, ‘Can you give me any feedback about my application/interview?’.

As the candidate, this feedback can adjust your future resume. You can begin to improve your skills to make you unique.

Life is a continuous learning process. So, finding constructive feedback is mandatory.

Know That It’s Not Always About You

It is easy to blame your fault on any job rejection. Therefore, it is important not to take every rejection personally. Many factors can cause this situation, some of them can be unfathomable! 

More likely, the experience or personality of another candidate struck a stronger chord with the hiring manager.

When you don’t get a job, it does not always mean that the problem is in you. It also depends on the company requirements and organisation culture.

Keep Looking

Rejection will sometimes reduce job search desires for some people. In this case, you have to keep the pace and strengthen the effort for better results. 

For example, you get rejected by a job you really want. It doesn’t mean that you are not worthed. So, you can try to find similar job listings again. If you keep the positive momentum, the desired result will come soon. 

This helps you easily move on and not worry about getting rejected. You will always have something to look forward to.

Focus On The Positive

Sustaining a positive mental attitude is an important part of dealing with job rejection. Remember, you always have unique skills and qualities. Someday, Your capability will fit perfectly with another company and role.

If you dwell too much on the rejection, it will just drag you down and hold you back. You’ll begin to doubt your talents, lose confidence and start second-guessing all your work in the future.

So, don’t waste too much energy worrying about why you were rejected. You always need to focus on the positive side. 

Think about your strengths and achievements so you can talk enthusiastically about it. At the end, you can secure your opportunity.

Focus On Your Strengths

You can explore your strengths and use them in job interviews and your resume. 

You can start with a list of your strengths and key contributions from previous work experience. For example, if you’re a good leader, how did you demonstrate your leadership skills in past jobs or activities?

You can tell them that your suggestion can help the company to improve things. Additionally, you can describe your last project story. By focusing on your strengths, it can improve for your next job interview.

Treat Every New Opportunity As A New Chance

Instead of focusing on your job rejection, you can treat and welcome every job application as a fresh new chance.

Focus on the present. If you think that you are going to get rejected again, you will never grow and stop this issue.

We know that it is difficult to get a job. Also, it is hard to accept the rejection. Many factors cause job rejections and outside your reach. 

You can make it as a learning opportunity. This experience can help us to tackle future job interviews successfully.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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