Post Holiday Blues: Let's Cope Before Back To Work

Post holiday blues is a feeling that a person feels after a long vacation. The longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post holiday blues may be. 

As we know, going on holiday is bliss. It helps heal your body, mind, and soul and allows you to bring back stories with you. But what’s not-so pleasurable is having to go back to work after all that relaxing.

The shorter the trip is, the easier to adjust to a normal routine. Post holiday blues may result in tiredness, intense feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression. Other than that, jet lag may intensify the post-holiday blues.

If you are worried about the workload when returning to work after vacation, relax. Here are a few tips to cope the post holiday blues on your first day back at work.

Write A To-Do List

Things are usually hectic after the holidays, and that will easily overwhelm any employee. In that case, the greatest way to stay productive when returning to work after a vacation is to create or update your to-do list.

Advise your employees to break down their tasks into doable bite-size chunks. Setting a clear plan for your day will allow you to manage your time better and stay on top of your various tasks.

Keep this list visible throughout the entire day so you can refer to it as needed. Also, you can use a weekly reporting system like WMS

WMS can help to manage your plans and keep everyone updated. It is a great way to stay on track and accomplish your tasks.

Take A Buffer Day

If you can, try to give yourself a buffer day between your return home and go back to work after vacation. There is no reason why you have to leave the airport and drive directly to work.

It may seem counterintuitive to use a vacation day for simply being at home, but strategically, it gives you the space to get back to normal with minimal pressure. 

Give yourself a buffer day at home. Run some errands, unpack, and reconnect with your loved ones. 

While each vacation day is precious, taking care of yourself first can make your reentry work much smoother without stressing yourself too much.

Tidy Up Your Workspace After Holiday

To help you get out of this mindset and transition back to work with ease, you can clean up your desk right when you get into the office.

An office desk cluttered with paper and other supplies can make your first day unproductive. Cleaning up your workspace will leave you with less distraction before you start your computer.

Try adding simple touches such as a treasured photo (perhaps a snap of your recent holiday). Once you get rid of all the clutter on your workspace, you can settle down and get to the real work.

Post Holiday Blues: Let's Cope Before Back To Work

Get Back In Your Routine

If you are a frequent meal prep-er, prioritize making your normal weekly meals. If you frequently work out in the morning, set that alarm and hit the gym like usual. 

While relaxing on vacation is what we all desire and need, allowing that easy-going vibe to linger makes Monday seem so much scarier. This regimen is meant to make the process of going back to work simpler and less painful.

Don’t expect your mind to get back to work mode as soon as you return to the office after days or even weeks of vacation. Creating that transitional routine will make your standard work system easier to adapt to in the long run.

Bring Back Your Sleep Routine

One of the biggest problems when going back to work is returning to your sleep routine. During the holidays, you stay up late, you get up late too and, when it’s time to get back to a sleep routine, your quality of sleep is affected.

A helpful tip is that three or four days before going back to work, go to sleep early and simultaneously. This way, you’ll adapt to a sleeping schedule.

Finally, nothing lasts forever. Not even the terrible feeling you are carrying around right now. After one week, you will likely get over the blues and settle back to work very easily. 

Do not be too hard on yourself if you find it hard to go back to work quickly. The tips mentioned above will greatly help you prevent such a mess from happening. 

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Try and see if they work. Happy Back-To-Work!

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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