Working Abroad? Don't Be Rush! Here's A Little Notes For You

Working abroad can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. Working abroad means travelling to another country and working overseas.

Taking a job that allows you to travel abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your language skills will skyrocket, and your cross-cultural competencies will go through the roof while bringing all of those other soft skills along.

Working abroad is an excellent experience. Therefore, it allows you to start your international career and offer you global opportunities.

Whether you’re just starting your career, changing career paths, or seeking your retirement options. Working abroad can fit your lifestyle, goals, and needs. 

According to the BCG, around 60% of workers are willing to relocate. Still, it’s very rare to find expats sharing their experiences when you are figuring out how to start working abroad.

The Internet is the answer to tons of useful resources for anyone looking for travel and work. You can realize you’re working abroad with just one click.

To help you prepare, we suggest the top essential things that you need to know to be a working abroad pro.

Visa Preparation

Many countries require a work permit or visa to work legally before entering the country. Because of that, you have to garner as much information regarding the work visas.

It is also important to know that a work visa is not something employers give out easily. Generally, the company handles its employees’ visa process by professionals.

Since visa applications, availability, and acceptance can be confusing. Understand which type of work visa you have and the conditions if, for example, you are fired or decide to resign.

Nevertheless, Each country will have different types of work visas. Make sure you understand the regulations you obtain.

Don’t Make Language As Your Barrier

When you work overseas, your mastery of the locator language is essential. Language is one of the things to know before going to work abroad.

In these situations, having some basic conversation is essential. Thus, you’re ready to talk by having important phrases in your back pocket.

Without at least basic conversational and writing skills, it will hinder your progress at work. You will excel over time, but you must at least understand and respond.

If you’re comfortable, the office is a great place to learn new slang and accents.

Know About The Company’s Culture Beforehand

Working abroad Is not a piece of cake. You have to face a working culture that is quite different from what you have experienced.

Every country has its own culture, and every company has its own culture as well. Having prior culture and workplace ethics information can help you know what you can expect from your employer.

Better do a Google search or speak with a friend in advance to avoid the initial awkwardness when you work abroad. Be sure you are ready to fulfil these requirements before making a big move.

Choose The Right Employer

Once you’ve decided to move abroad, it’s not just about the opportunity. It is also a job or a great employer. Several legalities are involved, and it’s not easy to shift base without the help of someone who’s experienced enough to handle it.

A good employer will not help you navigate the visa application process and help you relocate to a new area. On top of that, they will take decent care of you regarding leasing arrangements, understand local laws and taxes. 

A good employer will make your life much easier in an unknown foreign country.

Understand Your Tax And Cost Living

As we know, we might get a higher salary when we work abroad. So, it is important to consider tax deductions and living costs.

If you work in unfamiliar conditions abroad, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. First, you can find out exactly how much you’ll receive after taxes.

Then research accommodation, transportation, and food prices. This information provides you with an idea of what lifestyle you can afford after relocation.

Therefore, research and familiarize yourself with tax laws and banking practices in which you will work. It will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Moving abroad is a strange and exciting new experience. However, once you’re there in all the excitement, you want to ensure that you’re not worrying about money issues.

When you are working abroad, it is necessary to know about the banking process. Even though you think it’s the same as any other bank, it should be one of your considerations.

Banking procedures are complex. Therefore it is essential to go through them completely. Especially when you are moving to another country

Moreover, you should research to ensure that opening a bank account in a foreign country is not a problem. Last but not least, it is essential to know about your bank’s online and offline capabilities before you open an account.

So it can help you to do and track your transaction easily in this digital era.

Get International Health Insurance.

Health insurance is also critical, as medical bills are almost universally quite expensive. Therefore, each country has its own set of health insurance rules, and you may not be eligible for a local plan.

For working abroad, you can get health insurance in several ways. Some are employer-based or international health insurance.

You can consider getting insurance if you plan to move first and then look for a job. But if you do not, you can ensure whether your employer contributes to health insurance or not.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest decisions anyone can ever make is moving to a new country. Moving to work abroad takes meticulous preparation, and this is obviously only a short list of to-dos.

However, the pandemic has affected people who want to work abroad in many ways. For example, moving across borders from the country of residence and the country of work can be prevented from the country they were posted to.

Moreover, most companies have changed their approach when it comes to relocating new hires from abroad due to COVID-19.

According to PWC Global Mobility, half of the companies surveyed have improved their relocation packages, despite the fact that they allow new hires to work from home.

These relocation packages include, in addition to flight tickets or temporary accommodation, extended medical coverage, and compliance support. 

Relocation can open your eyes to new ways of living and give you new personal and professional development opportunities. It involves many hours of research, planning and adventure, once you committed to making this come true.

With companies being as global as they are today, it’s almost a requirement that each has someone on staff that understands international markets. Go through this process with confidence, and don’t be afraid of the word no. 

If you relocate abroad for jobs and you do not know where to start from. Or, maybe if you need to find an international talent for your company. You can visit our website.

Elabram’s solutions can help you, and your company connect with prospective talent and employers in various countries.

Whatever job you pick or country you go to, you’ll learn new skills, broaden your horizons, and meet amazing new people.  So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you go work abroad!

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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