Support System As The Balancer For Employee Well Being

Having a support system is is essential for maintaining mental health. According to several studies, supportive relationships can reduce stress and a sense of well-being. Therefore, people with a lack of social support will feel lonely in their life.

In mental health issues, a support system is one of the solutions. This system means a person who will always communicate regularly with you. It also includes family or friends that we can call anytime.

The question is how to build and sustain this support system? In this article, we will describe it for your reference. 


Build Social Support. The first step of positive mental health

In the first step, we would not have a definitive way to build your support system. Nonetheless, you can begin with finding good friends and confidants. If you can have this situation, you will easily manage mental health and stress in a positive way. 

When you start to engage with a new person, you have to understand that each individual will have different needs and perspectives. Therefore, we provide some quick tips to help you pull this off:

  • Meet Neighbours and Co-Workers: As humans, we are social beings. It means that we need to interact with groups of people or a person regularly. Therefore, you can begin with socializing with your neighbors or co-workers around you. For example, sharing meals, experiences, etc. However, it may be challenging to share your personal life in this type of group.
  • Reach Out To Family And Friends: Besides neighbors and co-workers, We also need to maintain relationships with our family and friends. This type of group already understands more deeply about your personal life. Also, you can talk intimately with them rather than others. 
  • Join Professional Organizations: The other group is to join professional organizations. It includes a group of experts in your career field.

This step is a positive effort for your future career. It also broadens your social network. Sometimes, friends in the same profession can understand your stress in your job more than anyone else.

  • Look Online: Besides the three things mentioned above, Social media can also help you stay connected with your connection. With social media, we can easily find like-minded people online.

You might find it challenging to get people who understand your personality. Some people also have the same experiences as us in the digital era. Therefore, you must check reputable sites and be cautious about arranging in-person meetings.

Based on those groups, we suggest beginning with a family. Then, you can slowly enhance your circle with close mates and become a big circle at the end.

Remember! It’s not the quantity, but you need to focus on the quality of the relationship.


The Benefit Of Social Support

A support system can help your mental health and overall well-being. This effort can prevent stress and properly manage the problem.

Below, we suggest several benefits of the support system.

  • Reduce stress: Social support plays a huge part in helping people to cope with burnout. Spending your time with friends, family, and loved ones can relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Positive influence: Someday, we will find when all of your activities become a hassle. You may even feel frustrated, pressured, and angry. The situation will change if other people break the wall to reach you. At least, they say, “Are you okay?”

You might not get used to it at the beginning. Nevertheless, you will feel grateful for having someone rooting for you on the sidelines.

  • Emotional support: Good emotional health and well-being can improve overall physical health. During times of uncertainty, they help you with reflective solutions and alternatives to every issue.

A positive support system can overcome feelings of discouragement, which is an obstacle to your dreams and goals.

  • Healthier life: As we get older, a good support system becomes one that helps throughout our lives.

We can maintain our physical health and emotional well-being if we never feel lonely. With this effort, you will never attain burnout, stress, and empty feeling.


Sustaining Your Current Relationships

Maintaining a positive support system means that you have to sustain every relationship. Usually, a successful relationship is a give-and-take process that requires active participation.

Besides that, several factors will contribute to healthy, happy relationships. It includes 

  • Stay in touch
  • Be a good listener
  • Showing appreciation
  • Be available when you’re needed
  • Never turn down their help
  • Communicate constantly

In light of this, the goal of building your social support network is to reduce your stress level. It may take time to build up your ideal support system once you do it and keep it going. You may have a support system for life.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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