Work From Home Policy: The Essential Components

We have been living with a pandemic since a year ago. Until this time, the situation has not really changed the working from home policy. Many companies implement this policy for half or all employees.

This policy is to maintain the business process properly as well as maintaining staff safety. 

So, how can the management or HR leaders manage the new phase of working from home? The work-from-home policy is the answer.

To begin with, a company needs defined telecommuting policy terms. The HR team shall understand the employer’s goals and processes while creating the work-from-home policy.

It should offer a window into the remote employee’s workday so you can ensure productivity remains high. 

A good telecommuting policy does not only set expectations. The company must also clarify the objective for them to remain flexible and adaptable in the future.

With the proper preparation and transparent policy, the company can expect some improvements across the business. 

As a result, it will become a win-win solution for all parties. Employees will be more productive, satisfied, and engaged with their work.


What Should You Include In Your Work From Home Policy? 

As the policymaker, the hr leader requires to consider several factors. The Working From Home method always provides benefits and weaknesses. 

Therefore, the work-from-home policy should ensure measurements with fair and square for both parties. The objective is to maintain their productivity as usual, like in working in the office.

Every company may have different considerations and needs. Thus, leaders and managers must discuss it carefully during policy development.

In this article, we suggest several key components while developing a work from home policy.


Presence During Working Hours

The work from the home policy should clearly state when employees are expected to work and call it a day.

For example, the company set the working hours from 9 am to 5 pm. In the other option, the management could also offer flexibility on their work schedule with specific terms.

If you have people living in different time zones, you’ll need to consider those. 

The company also sets expectations for the quality and output of every employee. The company also obligates reviewing the skills and tools of employees during remote working.

In addition, schedules and trackers like WMS will also encourage employees to be more productive on task.


Productivity Measurements 

Your work from the home policy should specify how the management measures remote employee’s productivity.

For instance, the company can monitor the hours worked, the staff’s output for the day, or some combination.

The key to measuring remote worker productivity is to focus on outcomes, not the amount of time someone spends working.



The company must define which positions are eligible for remote work.

According to We Forum, People who have computer capability can effectively work from home. In further detail, 24% of those in management, business, and finance, and 14% of “professional and related workers.” 

Therefore, the company must carefully consider eligible staff based on the business needs.

In addition, for a suitable position, remote employees must be organized, disciplined, and self-motivated.

There is also a possibility that some companies don’t offer any remote jobs because their job position is not suitable.


Managing Communication

Effective communication is critical to the success of your remote office. This factor becomes a major issue when managing virtual employees.

Since remote workers can only reach digitally, Some issue such as important miss messages happens during working from home.

Frequent phone calls and video conferences are a part of your daily routine. Hence, it prevents misunderstandings or missed messages in text-based communication.

Companies can maintain their culture even with full-time telecommuters by using communications technology properly.

For this reason, it is essential to establish communication protocols in work from home policy, which should include:

  • The apps that workers will use to collaborate, such as WMS
  • Procedures and special requirements
  • Required availability times, if any

Since productivity and efficiency depend on effective communication, this section should be a top priority.


Work Equipment as Productivity Support

The tool plays a significant role in the success of remote workers.

When establishing a work-from-home policy, the leader must specify what equipment the company will provide to remote employees.

Equipment shouldn’t be a grey area. If the leader expects employees to provide their computers, for example, then they need to specify that.


Dedicated Technical Support 

While working from home, employees will rely on technology more than ever. 

We all struggle with technology sometimes, and the frustration can be worsened when we are working remotely.

Therefore, your work-from-home policy should specify whether remote workers will receive tech support.

Almost all major organizations have on-site tech support available to their employees. Still, it is less common for remote tech support to be offered. 

Your employees shall know when your company’s IT team is ready to serve.



Data security is a major concern for any business. Therefore, it is also a concern for remote work security.

Almost all large companies operate a secure network for their data. So when the data is taken outside the office limits, the security network can not be guaranteed.

Your work-from-home policy should emphasize employee safety when working in a certain connection or website.

You can put dos, and don’ts in your policy to make it more specific.


Based on those points, you shall have an idea of why you need a WFH policy, you might want to get started on your own. 

Your policy is meant to protect and secure employees and the employer, but it’s also meant to bring balance and happiness to everyone involved

Does it sound like something that your organization can benefit from? Use these tips to help ensure your work from home policy working smoothly

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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