Advantages of social media

Social media recruiting is not a new trend anymore. Nowadays, companies take many advantages of social media recruiting in sourcing and attracting top talent.

Companies must embrace social recruiting as more people use social media to find jobs. 

With LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter now boasting over 4.48 billion active users, the use of social media for recruitment companies has grown 54% in the past five years.

According to the SHRM survey, nearly over 90% of recruiters use social media in their recruitment process. 

Moreover, you can use social media to promote your company and allow candidates to research you.

Today, we are talking about social media recruitment, the advantages, and how to use social media for recruiting. Read on it to find out. 



What Is Social Media Recruiting?

Social media has become a standard tool for recruiting in some industries. The increasing usage of social media has gained popularity among recruiters since several years ago.

It allows recruiters to promote their job openings and find suitable candidates. In this case, nearly 90% of recruiters report that they have hired someone off of LinkedIn.

Since hiring will be more competitive, it’s time to invest in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn more than ever.



The Advantages Of Social Media Recruiting

Leveraging social media in recruitment is no longer a gimmick. It enables employers to source high-quality job applicants and promotes company culture. 

Therefore, social media has many advantages for your recruitment process. Let’s take a look at the benefits of social media recruiting. 


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Extend Your Reach

Social media is a great way to expand your recruiting pool. With the growing number of active users worldwide, many candidates will always look for new opportunities.

Therefore, you can expand your reach to many candidates with social media ads feature. 

These job ads can reach a large number of people who are looking for open positions with highly professional skills.

Beside that, you can showcase what your company offers and connect directly to people.


Attract Passive Candidates

Social media is often the only way to reach passive candidates. They aren’t actively looking for work but are open to better offers.

According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 73% of candidates are passive job seekers. Therefore, social media is the best way to reach those candidates.

This statement is also similar to a survey by Betterteam. 80% of employers say that social recruiting helps them find passive candidates. 

A passive candidate may view your job posting on their feed. Hence, it is your responsibility to source top talent and encourage them to join your company.

While passive candidates aren’t actively looking for work, they use social media to keep up with industry trends and company news.

As a result, many passive candidates put professional details on their social profiles. It helps the recruiter to reach out and review their experience easily.

The best candidates are often passive because opportunities will find them.

If they apply, it means an excellent opportunity for them.

Please take this as your chance to showcase why you should be their next employer in front of these people.


Lower Recruitment Costs

Recruitment processes can become costly than we think, especially when you’re advertising on multiple channels. 

The average hiring cost is more than $4000 per person—with $500 as the average cost of each open position per day. 

Hence, one of the advantages of using social media recruiting is to reduce recruitment costs. Many social networking sites are free to set up, and ads are available for any budget.

Additionally, the ad campaigns are also easy to modify. You can change your criteria, message, and budget at any time if you aren’t getting the results you want.

In the end, your will source candidates faster and more conveniently.


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Increases Job Visibility

BIllions of members are active on different social media sites. Facebook has over 1.35 billion active users, Twitter hosts job search chats, and most Gen Zers use LinkedIn.

They will check the company’s or brand’s profile for vacant positions and jobs.

Therefore, using social media to share your job makes them more visible. It will also increase your odds of reaching top talent.


It Gives You A Better Candidate Screening

Social media isn’t just a great way to advertise your job. Uniquely, you can use social media to check your candidates’ backgrounds.

You may not think about it this way, but many companies use it to screen candidates before an interview. 

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder showed that 45% of hiring managers did so.

It helps the recruiter to get a better understanding of a candidate’s personality, especially before getting hired for a position.

You will get a glimpse into their hobbies, interests, how they share their thoughts, feelings, and the content they’re engaging with.

Other recruitment methods are difficult to help you like that. This data allows you to shortlist candidates more effectively.

Screening potential employees ensures that you work with those people who align with your company values and culture.

Although, you need to be cautious about reviewing someone’s social media profiles without their consent. 


Boost Your Employer Brand

Did you know that most job candidates will check out your company’s social media profile?

According to research by LinkedIn, 75% of candidates research a company’s reputation and brand before applying.

Also, 62% of job seekers have reportedly used social media to evaluate the employer brand of a company. 

Hence, social media is more than an excellent recruiting tool. Most candidates would reject an employer with a bad reputation.

Thus, it makes for the perfect vehicle to boost your employer brand. Positive employer branding will attract better and more relevant candidates.

Besides, it helps you retain quality employees who are crucial to the success and growth of the business.

Consider creating a media plan of engaging posts that speak to your employer brand. You can create interesting content regularly about:

  • -Office and working environment
  • -Employees
  • -Well-being strategy
  • -Perks and benefits
  • -Unique, interesting, or successful projects
  • -Corporate and team events

You can also consider showcasing your visibility, credibility, and company culture. Therefore, the candidate would choose you over any other company as it is more trustworthy.

They will not hesitate to share your social media with people. The more shares you get, the more people will hear about you!


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Social Media Recruiting Best Practices

In this section, we briefly covered some of the benefits of using social media in recruitment. Several points below will show common practices.

You need to remember. Every company should develop its own unique social media recruiting strategy. 

Hence, here are certain practices your company needs to know.

  • Choose the proper channels
  • Know your audience
  • Try with paid ads
  • Involve every employee.
  • Improve your social media profiles
  • Use inviting visuals and catchy captions

Using these best practices will facilitate your recruitment process.



In conclusion, social media recruiting is an essential part of any successful recruiting strategy in today’s world.

Social media recruiting allows you to showcase your company culture, reach a larger talent pool and connect with your ideal candidates. 

As Gen Z and Millennials join the productive generation nowadays, work-life social media will become more valuable for recruiters.

Taking advantage of this modern approach will improve your recruitment system. It provides so many perks that can boost a company’s overall success in more ways than one. 

With such benefits, social media is undoubtedly a resource that every company should tap into.

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