Healthy Habits: Welcoming 2022 With These 5 Easy Healthy Hacks!

January 2022 is more than just the first month of a new year.  It is an excellent way to start healthy habits to adopt for yourself.

In a survey by YouGov, who asked Americans about their 2022 New Year’s resolutions, one-quarter of the respondents who were making resolutions reported that they set a goal to live healthier. 

Thus, achieving healthy habits requires a serious commitment. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can accomplish all of your goals at once. It will make you overwhelmed and lead to self-sabotage.

With a bit of consistency over time, a great deal of patience, it will produce results. 

Below, we recommend five life-changing healthy habits to adopt for you to kick start this year for better lives in 2022.

Check them out! 


2022 For A Better Sleep Schedule

Let 2022 be the year that you finally take control of your sleep schedule. Furthermore, having a good sleep for seven to eight hours is essential for our bodies and health.

Besides, proper sleep will affect so many areas of your life.

Establishing a regular bedtime and wake-up time, turning off electronics before bedtime, and not drinking too much caffeine and alcohol are good ways to start hitting your sleep schedule.

As a result, you will feel less tired. Your mood and hormones are getting better, and your skin will be more apparent.

Another benefit you will get once you prioritize sleep is there’s less chance of you being irritable, stressed, and burned out.


2022 It’s Time To Exercise Regularly

Regularly exercising goes hand-in-hand with healthy dieting when it comes to healthy habits. So if you’re going to make one healthy change in the New Year, you should exercise more. 

You’ll all enjoy working out once you get started. If you rarely do exercise, 10 minutes can begin an effort to start your day. It also offers you a healthy heart.

Exercises help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and eliminate metabolic wastes from your body. 



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No More Junk Food! Let’s Start Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is the key to a healthy life. 

Healthy eating means eating more greens, whole grains, white meat, nuts, essential oils, and less fat, red meat, and processed foods.

Hence, eating a flexitarian or plant-based diet could be a good start for you.

In addition, both flexitarian and plant-based diets emphasize the consumption of plants on each plate. Those people keep animal products like meat and cheese in supporting roles or leave them out entirely during certain meals. 

According to Dr. Joey Shulman in a Cityline interview, Consuming green foods has many health benefits.

The greens help our body to:

  • Reduce inflammatory response
  • Optimize digestion
  • Have low-calorie intake
  • Rich in nutrient
  • They are excellent for skin and vision
  • Have an anti-aging effect

Furthermore, the flexitarian diet can help you lose weight, have a longer lifespan, and prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

It sounds like a great health habit to adopt this year, right? 


Meditate More Often

Meditation helps you clear your mind and calm you down. Besides, it allows us to stay focused and more aware of our surroundings.

We can select many forms of meditation for your option, from traditional; breathing meditations or mindfulness meditation to mantra meditation. 

To get consistent, you find activities suitable for you. Go ahead and do it!

Morning meditation for half an hour or more will undoubtedly improve our moods in 2022.


Practice Gratitude

Focusing on the good things in your life will enhance your mood and well-being.

Besides, reminding yourself of your blessings can completely shift your perspective.

Practising gratitude can help you feel more motivated, cultivate patience, humility and prevent burnout.

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways:

  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone
  • Give back, etc.

Gratitude is the foundation for all other good habits because it makes you feel better about yourself and your life.



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So, you now have it! The five easy healthy habits above can start your new year.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself as you adopt these healthy habits.

Don’t beat yourself up if you “fail” once or twice; instead, plan and move forward.

By adopting healthy habits now, you can see good changes in yourself for the future.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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