Quarter Life Crisis: The Signs & Tips To Get Through It

Welcome to the quarter-life crisis! 

You may have heard of the quarter-life crisis often and wondered if it is true or just a trend among millennials.

The quarter-life crisis is real. Most young adults in their 20s or early 30s must have gone through this phase. This crisis is the stage of life where you stand at a crossroads of transition into maturity.

According to a survey by LinkedIn, 75% of 25-33 years olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis, with the average age being 27.

At this stage, you may begin wondering about every decision of your career alternative, relationship, and life purpose.

In addition to the LinkedIn survey, 61% of the respondents said the cause of their quarter-life crisis is to get a job that matches their passion.

Besides their passions, the rest of the respondents mentioned that they attempt to compare themselves to their successful friends. As a result, this situation drives them to feel anxious, insecure, and stressed about living their life.

Below we’ve also listed some signs of a quarter-life crisis:

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Difficult to make a decision.
  • You can’t figure out what is missing in your life.
  • Feeling disconnected from others.

Suppose you find yourself experiencing one of these signs. We need to realize that this process will guide you into maturity.

To make you feel better, we have some tips for you to get through this crisis. Let’s see them!



Social Media Detox

Have you ever thought about taking a break from social media? Unfortunately, many people may disagree with social media detox.

Some of us are afraid of missing out if we take a break from social media or social life.

Nonetheless, social media is one of the reasons for your anxiety about other people’s posts.

Hence, minimizing social media usage and focusing on yourself can prevent you from envy. You can initiate the social media detox by deciding how long you will leave it.

You can start journaling about yourself while you begin the social media detox. It can assist you to be more comfortable with yourself.


No More Self Comparing To Others

One of the factors in this crisis is comparing yourself to others. Nowadays, it’s easy to show your career achievements, relationships, and daily life through social platforms.

Besides, it’s very accessible to others. The Royal Society for Public Health has mentioned Instagram as the worst social network for the mental health of the young generation.

Nevertheless, comparing yourself too often affects your mental health and distracts you from your goals. You need to understand that we have different start and finish lines. 

Some people may be married or running a successful company in their quarter of life, while some may still struggle on the first ladder. So, you shall omit this comparison.

For this reason, you need to stay focused on your path and goals to reach your finish lines.


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A Structured Plan

The five years of planning in your quarter-life are critical. Having a clear vision about future achievement can ensure you stay on track.

Additionally, this plan will prepare you to face pressure in your life.

Therefore, you can start by taking small steps in achieving big goals. It will guide you to gain confidence in considering essential decisions.

Having a positive attitude will ensure your confidence and expertise.  


Find What Makes You Happy

Finding meaningful activities can ward off the crisis phase. Nowadays, most young adults only prioritize their happiness.

Therefore, it’s not too late to open your window and inhale the fresh air. You can start new activities such as running, yoga, reading, baking a cake, or even volunteering at a retirement home.

It would help if you found any activities to make yourself better. Rather than if you only focus on time or money.

If you don’t know where to start this activity, you can choose many other random activities and enjoy them.


Seek For Professional Assistance

Sharing your issues with others is an excellent way to cope with your challenges.

In this case, you can talk with a more experienced therapist.

Prioritizing yourself is essential for self-care and healing. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, An expert can navigate you to solve many personal issues.


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In conclusion, everyone will go through a quarter-life crisis, which is entirely normal.

Although it may feel difficult, lonely, and gray, you still have to survive and leave this crisis soon. Using those recommendations above may support you in getting through the quarter-life crisis.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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