Negative Habits In The Workplace Save Your Career Now!

Negative habits that seem trivial can ruin your career. You may skip mealtime, have social media addiction, or even overwork.

This issue can affect your career in the long term. It leads you to a disreputable image, being overlooked for promotion or getting fired.

Thus, it is essential to be self-aware about it before it harms yourself and your career. 

In this article, we have the typical negative habits list. It would be best if you changed it before ruining your career. Let’s take a look!


1. Constant Complaining

Some of us may become people who like to complain about everything, whether it’s about work, family, life, or friends.

Those who listen to your complaints will have a negative impression of you. They will label you as the “complainer.”

Moreover, these people’s impressions can affect your feelings towards work and other things. It will reduce employee morale as well as productivity.

According to Stanford University, complaining can shrink your brain. The reason behind this concern because your brain works automatically. Hence, once your brain gets used to complaining, it will never stop.

For example, some people may complain about the task that they have finished. Although the result is positive, they will never feel perfect with it.

Some other things that cause you to complain are:

  • You have an unmotivated colleague.
  • You’re less satisfied with your salary.
  • You’ve failed to maintain a work-life balance.
  • You have a different vision from your employer, etc.

Therefore, it’s time to make some new habits!

You must begin to think positively. It will help you to stay motivated and productive.


2. Procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the negative habits that everyone feels. It is an inability to manage time wisely and fail to plan properly.

Hence, this habit can ruin your career. Some studies show that 1 in 5 people are chronic procrastinators.

Some factors may disturb you from starting the task. An example is a family who asks for assistance or unexpected events that cause delays. Likewise, you may sometimes lose your mood to do everything. Then, it leads to procrastination. 

In the end, some of you may finalize the projects at the last minute due to this issue. It also hinders the progress of everyone who relies on your work.

If this thing occurs, you’ll likely be the first one to be blamed if anything goes wrong.

It could be challenging to break this habit. However, there are many different strategies you can try.

Here are some strategies to prevent procrastination:

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Prioritize the task
  • Break the work into small and specific tasks
  • Try the 10 Minute Rule


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3. Lack Of Punctuality

Never on time is almost everyone’s negative habit. If you always show up late for work or meetings is a red flag. It means that you don’t value their time.

Being late can increase your stress level. Furthermore, it indicates that you lack discipline and commitment to your job. You will find a hard time managing all your tasks in a single day.

If you still struggle with punctuality, it is time to find a job that motivates you to come on time. For example, you can find the best work location or industry that suits you.


4. Workplace Gossipping

Office gossiping is the main factor in a toxic environment, even though it looks like a normal conversation to create social bonds.

Workplace gossip is disrespectful behavior. It can destroy trust among coworkers. As a result, it affects enthusiasm, hurts other people’s feelings, and damages your credibility.

It’s best to keep your distance from a coworker who engages in regular office gossip. You have to maintain professional boundaries in this circumstance.


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5. Unmannered Email Etiquette

A common issue in the business world is unmannered email etiquette. Using smartphones and tablets to reply to emails is the reason why we forget about proper etiquette. 

In this case, clients will read our sloppy emails with incorrect grammar and misspelled words. Moreover, using abbreviations in email can be easily misconstrued. 

To be noted, we shall still utilize the proper email etiquette although we respond from our mobile or desktops. 

As a result, this manner will reflect your professional image.


6. Failing To Socialize With Colleagues

Socializing with coworkers may have difficulty. However, forming relationships with your colleagues is critical to your career growth and success.

Becoming excessively independent can hinder your social success. Thus, communicating more frequently will avoid these negative habits.

Take your time to mingle with coworkers so they can help when you need it. They can also make work more enjoyable.

In the end, you want to have colleagues that will support and stand by you, not to be known as a mysterious lone wolf.


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To sum up, that information is the list to recognize if you possess negative habits. Those habits can ruin your professional reputation and accomplishment in front of everyone.

Hence, it is crucial to avoid these harmful habits to save your career. If you fall into any of these categories, it’s not too late to break it.

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