Prepare For 2022 Job Interview. Follow These Tips Now!

Landing an internship before graduation is one of the most beneficial opportunities for any college student or fresh graduate.

The best thing about being an intern is gaining relevant experiences, learning new skills, and insights into your chosen career field. 

Many companies provide internship programs to those enthusiastic and ambitious young people. Besides, they offer this program as a way to try out and recruit new full-time employees. 

Hence, this program will help the company see and decide how this potential employee will fit with the company culture.

According to a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than 50 percent of 2019 graduating seniors who applied for a full-time job received at least one offer.

Out of those graduates, over 57 percent had an internship, and 43 percent did not. 

For this reason, participants who do excellent and show strengths during the internship may lead to a full-time job.

You must be wondering what other things should work to stand out and impress the employer? Here are some smart tips to improve your opportunity to land a full-time offer.


Show A Strong Work Ethic

Work ethic is the most critical quality employers see before offering a full-time position. Therefore, as an intern, you have to show and prove to them how great you are to work with. 

Companies appreciate an intern who displays a commitment to their job. You shall ensure to show a willingness and enthusiasm in performing your responsibilities. 

So no complaining, even if you’re doing easy, repetitive, and tedious tasks. Here are a few other ways to demonstrate a strong work ethic:

  • Don’t be late either for work and meetings, on time is the key!
  • Show your supervisor your consistent and quality work so that they can rely on you.
  • Organize your tasks and workspace to help you focus and manage your time.
  • Do the “little things” with a positive attitude because they matter.
  • Show your supervisor how grateful you are to play any role in their operation. 

It can help you stand out when applying for full-time jobs in the future.


Be Proactive & Show Initiative

Taking the initiative and being enthusiastic is the answer to making yourself stand out as an intern. Besides, it also increases your opportunity for a full-time position.

In this case, employers want to hire people willing to learn and work hard. You will not get it if you are just sitting in the corner. Instead, you need to do a lot of that. 

Proactive and expressing your interest in learning new skills to the supervisor Is important. Hence, it can help finish your work on time and improve your work quality.

If they think that you can be accountable and manage tasks well, they will prepare you on more advanced tasks. 

You can also ask for more work when you’re coming to the end of a particular assignment. Whatever your task is, do it with enthusiasm and finish it on time.


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Ask Questions

The best part about an internship is there are no limits to asking questions. Why so? Because everything in here is a new thing. Therefore, you don’t feel afraid to ask questions.

It makes you stand out from the others because employers like to see who are engaged and eager to learn. You can ask questions about business areas that you don’t understand.

Asking a ton of questions shows your interest in the company. Furthermore, the more you learn about the company,  the better chance to reach the full-time position.


Network And Get Involved

An internship can bring a wide range of benefits, such as a golden networking opportunity. Therefore, utilizing every opportunity to connect with coworkers is essential, whether they’re in the same department or beyond.

Besides building the network, your curiosity lets you know about their business. It also establishes your credibility to work as a team and create a connection with the company. 

The most crucial aspect of turning your internship into a full-time position is showing the employer that you can fit well into the group.

For this reason, teamwork and collaboration are skills employers value and see. Although you don’t get a full-time position in the company, having a professional network will help your future job hunt. 

In some cases, they may be able to refer you to friends and colleagues at other companies.

Therefore, participate in any company-organized events or parties for interns. You can also connect with colleagues outside of work, as these are good networking opportunities.

Remember, you never know when your paths may cross down the road and what doors they may open for you!


Seek Feedback

As an intern, it is critical to seek continuous feedback to learn and grow.

Their feedback can help you to discover which areas you need improvement. Moreover, you can gain better working performance, build upon your strengths and fix your weaknesses.

Employers appreciate when you work hard to improve yourself and implement their feedback. It shows a willingness to develop yourself and your worth to the company.


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Express Your Interest In Working For The Company

Many interns hesitate in expressing their interest in working as full-time employees in the company.

In this case, you don’t assume that your company realizes your career goals. Therefore, they often feel disappointed when the program ends without a job offer.

If you have an interest, you can acknowledge the leader. You can tell that you desire to work for the company. 

This effort will show your passion for the company. 

Even though the company may not offer you the opportunity when the vacancy is unavailable, you may get priority once a role opens up.


In conclusion, whether you’re gearing up for your first internship or have just completed your third, joining the internship program is very beneficial in the long run.

During this program, you have an opportunity to make and learn from your mistakes. Once you’ve completed your internship, you shall list all the experiences or activities. It will become a significant contributor to your resume.

Even if you do not secure a full-time job, you will have met various people within the industry. It would benefit if you kept in mind that you must present your best foot forward during your internship.

Following the tips above will guide you on your career dream.


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Good luck to all of you on the job hunt!


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