Environmentally Friendly Office: The Benefits And Tips For Greener Business

Environmentally friendly has always been in trend among businesses to help the environment. In fact, for some business actors becoming environmentally friendly is their current highest priority list.

For both themselves and their business, they understand that sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle are important. However, many companies and investors hesitate to go eco-friendly.

They still believe that environmentally friendly business practices can cost more money. The truth is, you can easily bring the green revolution to create an eco-friendly workplace.

In this article, we’ll discuss thoroughly how to turn your work environment into a greener office.


What Is An Environmentally Friendly Office?

An environmentally-friendly office aims to reduce the carbon footprint and its negative impact on the environment. Thus, we should begin from our office. Workplaces have a significant impact on the environment.

According to the World Green Building Council’s 2017 Global report, office buildings are responsible for around 34% of energy use and almost 38% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Even in today’s digital age, paper usage by the office is alarming. Based on the Global Paper report, more than 400 million metric tons of paper were consumed globally in 2018.

Furthermore, the amount of paper usage is predicted to increase in the future. Hence, every business stakeholder should take steps to ensure a better environment by going green.

Although it may not be an easy task, by going green, you create a positive impact on your brand image, environment, and bottom line.


The Benefit Of Environmentally Friendly Office

A company will receive many benefits from turning the conventional office into an eco-friendly office.

According to recent studies, the eco-friendly office increases cognitive function by 25% and productivity by 14% among employees.

These are some of the other advantages of an eco-friendly office:

  • Save companies money
  • To increase customer loyalty.
  • Building a positive brand image
  • Helps attract and retain employees
  • etc.


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Environmentally Friendly Office Tips To Follow

The business has many ways to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Elabram System as a service company also participates in creating a more environmentally friendly company.

Below are the ways that Elabram as a company does in building a greener business. If you are curious, you can follow the same path as us!


Use Environmentally Friendly Products

People nowadays are becoming more aware of their personal health and environmental health. Therefore, it is easy to find eco-friendly products on the market.

You can switch to eco-friendly products from stationery, paper, lightbulbs, cleaning products, and even coffee cups.

Those products are made naturally and chemical-free, so it’s sustainable for the environment.

Some products may sound expensive, but they are worth the price and last long. You can also make your office supplies green by reusing what you have.


Reduce Unnecessary Printing And Get Digital

In today’s digital age, printing documents is not necessary for some departments or roles. If some department still relies heavily on paperwork and printing, the company can start a digital transition. 

You can switch paper documents to a virtual bulletin board. Also, the team can send memos by email while slowly switching to the cloud to share documents.


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Use Natural Light

Unwittingly lighting is one of the enormous energy wastes. Artificial lighting represents almost 38 percent of electricity consumption in a typical office building.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is to adjust your lighting tactics.

Selecting an office room with large windows and using natural lighting will narrow down the energy usage. Although your lighting probably stays on by default, you can switch it off in the middle of the day. 

The usage of natural light will not just reduce carbon footprint. Using natural light for your office room can boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and mood.

In the other option, you can also reduce energy consumption by using motion-activated lighting for some areas that aren’t used all the time.


Bring Nature Indoors

An eco-friendly office is not complete without green plants in it.

In addition to their aesthetic value, indoor office plants can help to increase the air quality by producing more oxygen and removing pollutants like carbon dioxide that can build up in the air.

The NASA study found that houseplants can remove up to 86% of air pollution in an office over 24 hours. Moreover, bringing a plant to the office can reduce burnout and enhance productivity.

We recommend Spider Plants, Peace Lilies, English Ivy, or Bamboo Palms are suitable for the eco-friendly office environment.

If you have any other option, that will work too!


In a nutshell, making a transition to a more environmentally friendly office helps heal our planet and benefits everyone.

You can do numerous ways to make a more sustainable workplace. No matter how small your action is, it will make a huge difference.

Encourage a green mindset, and after a while, you will notice that things like this become automatic.

If you are looking for another tips article, You can read our blog at this link.


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