How To Turn Down The Job Offer: The Guide & Example

As a job seeker, there may come a time when you need to turn down the job offer. Perhaps you get and accept an offer from another company.

We may have many reasons for it. For example, the career progression isn’t a good fit for your career goals or the salary offered is too low. Whatever your reason is, knowing how to turn down the job offer politely is necessary.

Having a thoughtful yet assertive response it’s critical to maintaining your professional reputation and opportunity with the company in the future.

In today’s article, we will guide you to turn down a job offer gracefully.


  • Be Prompt

The first lesson of turning down a job offer is not to keep the employer waiting. As usual, a company will give a specific deadline for candidates to consider the job offer.

Therefore, you must inform them when you arrive at your decision as soon as possible. Delays in communication can cause a lot of inconvenience for the employer. Moreover, it can affect your professional image.

A prompt response can save time and avoid misunderstanding for both parties. Once a company knows your decision, the employer can continue sourcing other candidates.

You are also creating opportunities for your peers when you turn down the offer promptly. Finally, it maintains a positive reputation if you decide to apply for a new job in the same company in the future.


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  • Show Your Appreciation

The hiring manager spends a high amount of time during the recruitment process. From resume and phone screening to the interview session, they need a lot of effort to have the right candidate.

Even though you are turning down the job offer, it is essential to show appreciation and be gracious to the interviewer. You can also add some words about the company that impressed you.

When you decline an offer, the employer will recognize you and your professionalism by being professional and respectful.


  • Be Honest About The Reason

When turning down a job offer, you should explain why you turned it down. You need to ensure and briefly explain that your reason comes from careful consideration. 

Providing a good reason will keep the company from wondering about the problem. Moreover, it can provide feedback on improvements in their recruitment process.

However, you have to be careful with what you write. You don’t have to mention anything negative about the company or the role. Instead, you can describe suggestions in a positive way and success wishes.

It’s perfectly acceptable to decline a job if it’s the only one you’ve been offered. Also, you don’t want to take the offer. 

Besides, you can write, “I’ve realized that the commuting time is not a good fit,” if you don’t have any specific reason.


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  • Maintain The Relationship

Don’t burn any bridges between yourself and the company. If the interviewer may have made an impression on you, you can offer to stay in touch and provide additional contact information.

Keeping in touch with the hiring manager via LinkedIn or other professional pages shows that you are still interested in the company.

Although the roles may not be the right fit for you, This opportunity is a chance for you to expand your professional networks.


Sample Email For Turning The Job Offer

The following example is how to decline a job offer

Subject Line: Job Offer – [Your Name]


Dear Mr./Ms. ________[Hiring manager’s name],

I am writing to personally thank you for offering me the position of ________ [job title] at _______[company name]. After careful consideration,  I respectfully decline your job offer for right now.

I enjoyed meeting you and having a chance to meet the other team members.  I appreciate the time and consideration you gave my application and wish you success finding the perfect candidate.

I’d like to keep the door open to working with you in the future, and I’ve sent a connection request to you on Linkedin.



[Your name]


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In short, you don’t have to be afraid to decline a job offer if it does not meet your needs.

Turning down a job offer is a big decision, and it is difficult. Learning how to decline a job offer politely and professionally will leave the door potentially open for you in the future.

Let the employer know that the reason you’re declining the job offer isn’t a personal one. You can use our sample email and follow our tip to turn down the offer graciously.

If your job searching didn’t work out, don’t lose hope! We’ve provided some pointers to help you move forward.

Take a look at the web and blog about a new job for more career advice.

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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