A Toxic Work Environment: 5 Red Flags You Need To Avoid

A toxic work environment is a situation that affects the team member personal and professional quality.

Besides, working in a toxic work environment is frustrating and challenging. Why? It also leads to stress, burnout, depression, self-esteem damage, and other issues.

According to HR News UK, 69% of UK workers have worked in a toxic environment at some point in their careers.

If you are working in a toxic environment, it is essential to identify that issue early. This effort protects yourself and your well-being.

However, some people less recognize the signs of a toxic work environment. So, they are stuck in this situation.

Therefore, this article will cover five red flags that you’re in a toxic workplace. So, you read down below before you get stuck in there!


High Turnover

Employee turnover is the number of employees who leave an organization within a year. Furthermore, a high turnover rate is another sign of a toxic environment. 

This issue indicates low team member morale and a lack of satisfaction among employees. One of the signs you can find of high turnover in a company is:

  • Most employees leave within a year without reason.
  • Employees are frequently fired or laid off.

We must check Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Indeed reviews to avoid this situation. You can find out their experiences and feelings when working at the company.


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Poor leadership

People don’t leave jobs or companies. Instead, they leave the bad bosses. We may hear that quote many times on many social media platforms.

If a company’s leadership is in shambles, it may harm every other aspect of the business. Besides, a toxic workplace is almost inevitable. 

Unfortunately, some leaders with toxic  personalities tend to manifest themselves as “always right person.” 

For example, they usually seem unwilling to lend a hand to help with tasks, lack empathy or understanding of others, and always try to control every employee’s move.

Frequently, they feel overly entitled or arrogant and show others they’re in charge. This type of leadership is a big red flag of a toxic work environment. 

It can lead to high turnover due to employees’ inability to cope with this type of leader. Furthermore, it impacts productivity and team morale.


Work-life Balance Problem

Working shouldn’t feel like it’s taking over your life. Unfortunately, sometimes some companies exploit their workforce by devoting all their time and attention to work.

When office activity starts to take over your life, it is time to assess whether or not you are working in a toxic environment. 

For example, you feel guilty for late answering an email after dinner or having difficulty managing between personal life and office.

Therefore, having a work-life balance is essential for all of us. However, if you find yourself constantly on call and unable to get away from it, it’s time to take a step back.


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Lack Of Opportunity For Growth And Advancement

Most employees only ask for appreciation for their work, motivation, proper guidance, and the opportunity to grow. 

According to a study, 94% of employees would stay longer if their company helped them learn and grow.

If you are unable to achieve career goals or fulfill personal values, it can lead to poor work habits. 

Therefore, companies can follow the steps below to support workers’ growth in the workplace:

  • Create growth plans 
  • Mentoring employees 
  • Provide training sessions for employees
  • Ask employees about their growth goals
  • Offer education assistance


Bullying And Harassment

Bullying and harassment are common warning signs of a toxic workplace. Moreover, this workplace problem can result in unexpected forms.

Bullying can be direct or indirect, including verbal, physical, nonverbal, or psychological abuse.

It can occur when colleagues deal with a problem by attacking others, gossiping, spreading rumors, or being too dominant.

Hence, being bullied at work is a very frustrating experience. 


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In a nutshell, a toxic work environment has become more common in some workplaces. 

Staying in a toxic workplace will mean nothing to you. As a talented and worthy workforce, you deserve a supportive workplace.

We believe many organizations will still value, support, and guide you in a fulfilling work experience and career. 

By identifying the signs of a toxic work environment, you can prepare for your next career move. You must speak up and take action if you are in a toxic work environment.

Remember, your mental and physical health is more important than anything else.

As one of the best HR solutions providers, Elabram supports a non-toxic workplace environment by paying attention to the above signs.

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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