Personality 101: A Career Guide For An Introvert

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

If you consider yourself an introvert, finding a job that fits your personality is incredibly important. In this case, personality is very influential on early career outcomes.

Therefore, knowing the right jobs is the first step to discovering what career suits you best. 

This article will explain what an introvert is and jobs that may be fulfilling for introverts. 



What Is An Introvert?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), introverts tend toward their inner self, thoughts, and feelings. 

They are typically more withdrawn, reserved, and quiet. Nonetheless, not all introverts are socially awkward or antisocial.

Introverts can still be social people who enjoy spending time with others. However, too much socializing can tire them out.

They are usually more comfortable in smaller groups and prefer to befriend a few people.

If you’re an introvert, finding careers that suit their strengths and preference is a must.

When it comes to a job, an introvert would prefer to work alone in a quiet space with little supervision or collaboration. 

Introverts tend to focus on one task at a time, analyze situations carefully, and think before they speak.



Personality Traits Of An Introvert 

Every introvert has different behaviour. For this reason, they might recognize common characteristics of introverts in themselves, such as:

  • Quiet 
  • Introspective
  • Too much socializing drains them
  • Enjoy being alone
  • Self-aware and reflective 
  • Independent
  • Reserved 
  • Thoughtful 
  • Deep thinkers
  • Likes to plan 
  • Sensitive to conflict, negativity, and criticism 
  • They zone out to get away
  • They feel emotions deeply
  • They prefer writing over talking



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A Suitable Job Model For An Introvert

Being an introvert doesn’t limit a person from pursuing their dream career. Therefore, they need to find jobs that will energize them.

Although some introverts are sociable and have good interpersonal skills, they can be mentally and physically draining.

Therefore, an introvert should view several things when they are looking for a job such as:

  • They are allowed to focus on one task at a time.
  • Find positions that let them work independently and have limited social interactions.
  • Find jobs that allow them to work in a quiet space.
  • Opting for a remote or freelance job can also be a great way to limit draining interactions. 



Jobs For Introverts

Below are some of the best freelance and remote jobs for introverts to work at their own pace.



Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a perfect career path for introverts who love technology, creativity, and artistic flair. 

Graphic designers are responsible for creating digital art. They might create logos, posters, and visual aids for marketing materials.

This job involves flexibility, working alone and not generally through meetings or presentations.

Furthermore, this role offers a freelance position where they can work independently from home or studio.

Therefore, they won’t have to worry about socializing in the office.



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Accountants handle financial tasks, including budgets, forecasts, financial reports, payroll, taxes, and audits. 

Accountants typically work to support a company’s finance department or for an accounting firm to file taxes or check financial records. 

Although they interact with customers, they work alone for much of the time.

Working in a quiet and solitary environment is necessary for them. This role requires a lot of focus, analytical thinking, and attention to detail for business success.

Hence, this role is an excellent field for introverts.




Being an editor may suit those who are linguistic enthusiasts.

The editor is a link between the writer and the reader. They are responsible for checking the written works and content production from rough drafts to publication-ready. 

They can specialize in copyediting, proofreading, developmental, structural, line, and content editing as an editor.

These editors work on various materials, including books, websites, white papers, advertisements, and more.

Furthermore, they are responsible for checking the little things like punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and clarity.

Editors can span many media industries, including magazines and book publishing. Moreover, they can work with other businesses that utilize content in their strategies.

Being an editor is great for introverts because it’s a detail-oriented job that doesn’t require much social interaction.

Many editors even work remotely, performing every aspect of their job from home.



Document Translator

A document translator might be a promising career if they are fluent in more than one language.

Translators convert information from one language to another, whether it’s in the form of text or recorded audio. 

Working as a document translator allows them to have flexibility in working arrangements. Moreover, they can decide the amount of working duration. 

This job has limited social interaction. Thus, it is an excellent option for introverts.




According to a study by Mary Jane Scherdin and Anne K. Beaubien, more than 50% of librarians are introverts.

Hence, becoming a librarian could be a good option if they prefer to work in a peaceful work environment.

Librarians work with little interaction and conversation with others. Moreover, most of them work independently without supervision.

Librarians don’t just help visitors to find a book. They also prepare books, catalogues, and other materials. 

Furthermore, they are responsible for updating inventory and managing the budget.



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Working as a writer is ideal for an introvert. Introverts are usually better at expressing themselves in writing rather than verbally. It makes writing a perfect career choice for them. 

A writer can choose various career paths, including content writing, copywriting, technical writing, and creative writing. Moreover, writing fiction and nonfiction are also a writer’s job.

Most writers work independently and they only meet with the editor occasionally.



In short, every personality has its uniqueness. Although introverts love to work alone, they still have a variety of job opportunities.

In fact, certain positions tend to see introverts shine the most! In this case, many in-demand jobs allow them to highlight their strengths as an introvert. 

Once they know their strength, they are more likely to succeed and thrive.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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