Candidate Experience: The Guide Actionable Tips For You!

The candidate experience is crucial in modern recruitment processes. However, companies must notice it more during the hiring process. 

In today’s modern era, word spreads faster than ever. 

According to CareerArc, nearly 60% of job seekers have had a negative candidate experience, and 72% have shared this experience on online employer review sites such as 

Hence, negative reviews can damage the company’s recruiting ability and corporate image.

To avoid candidates from bad-mouthing your recruitment cycle, you’ll need to ensure that you have a great candidate experience. 

In this article, we’ll look into the details of candidate experience and what you can do to improve it. Let’s get into it!


What Is Candidate Experience?  

Candidate experience is the candidate’s impression of the company through the hiring process.

These interactions include recruitment, sourcing, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. 

Each aspect of the process significantly impacts how they perceive the organisation. 

Hence, candidate experience can be measured by candidate feedback (collected through questionnaires), employee retention rates, and employee referrals.


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The Benefit Of Candidate Experience

Here are the benefits of a good candidate experience: 

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Attracting more candidates
  • Improved onboarding and retention rates
  • Increased quality of hires 
  • Higher engagement and productivity from employees
  • Reduced recruitment costs


Enhancing Candidate Experience

If the company wants to retain its current employees or impress new talents, improving the candidate experience is essential throughout the hiring process. 

This method can quickly improve candidate experience in your workplace.


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Write A Clear Job Description

The job description is one of the essential elements of the recruitment process.

Candidates will read these contents before they submit their resumes.

Since it is the opportunity to promote the role, you need to ensure that the job postings are accurate, whether you’re posting on your career page or social media.

Furthermore, you can use professional language for the vacancy that explains the role clearly, concisely, and informally. 

A good job description should include all vital information. Although it may be different for each company, Here’s what to put in a job ad:

  • Job title.
  • Purpose of the job.
  • To whom reports and potentially other team members to work.
  • A detailed description of the job.
  • Job qualifications.
  • Nature of the job (full-time or part-time).
  • Salary range and benefits.
  • Work environment (remote, hybrid, or in-office).

A well-informed job description will help you attract high-quality talent and promote your brand.

Moreover, it allows you to build a strong talent pool of potential candidates for the future.


Be Transparent About The Hiring Process

A CareerBuilder research shows that 82% of candidates believed communicating expectations about a company’s recruiting process improved their overall candidate experience. 

Being transparent about each hiring stage will keep your candidate updated.

For example, the company should place it in the job description if you’ll likely take two weeks to get to each application. These expectations maintain candidates at ease during the process.

As the procedure move a candidate through the recruiting process, the company representative keeps them informed of their progress.

Please don’t leave them in the dark; you must let them know the conclusion.

Candidates will appreciate your transparency. They will be much better prepared to complete their previous job or when they need to make changes such as moving.


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Improve The Company And Career Site

The company website is the perfect place to excite new candidates. It doesn’t just end there. The career page site is the first stop before they apply for a job.

Most candidates will head to the company website to learn more about the company before submitting their CVs.

Therefore, creating a dedicated website and career page with relevant information is necessary to answer their curiosity.

Adding extras features may offer your applicants the best possible experience, such as:

  • Showcase your workplace photos
  • Previous employees testimonials
  • Team culture policy
  • Easy form to apply for the job, etc.


Communicate Frequently

According to Candidate Experience Statistics 2022, 81% of job seekers say communication in the hiring process can enhance a candidate’s experience.

It’s simple but effective. Candidates want to be aware of the situation. They want continuous feedback on where they stand in the hiring process. 

Contact them once a week to update them on their application, whether it’s an email with the following steps or a rejection letter.

As a result, they keep their interest, give up, and look for another role elsewhere. 


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Be Open To Giving And Receiving Feedback

Sending satisfaction surveys or feedback can assess your candidate’s experience.

You can send personalized satisfaction surveys or feedback when you send them rejection emails.

You can build engagement within a constructive conversation. This feedback can provide you with insights to improve your candidate experience.


To sum up, excellent candidate experience is essential to a healthy business.

Although it takes time and effort, creating a great candidate experience will show your business stands out from the crowd. 

Moreover, it leads the company in attracting and hiring top talent and building a positive brand image for your company.

A good candidate experience aims to create a positive impression and satisfaction for the candidate during the entire process.

To read more about other helpful tips, you can visit this link.

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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