Meet 5R Concept, The New Way to Manage Your Waste!

What Is Recycling?


Words like “recycle” or “recycling” frequently appear in many discussions, especially when discussing climate change. Recycling means managing waste as a result of human activities.

Waste nowadays, specifically plastic, is becoming a severe problem. Based on Waste Atlas statistics on Monday, 17 October 2022 at 2.16 pm, Southeast Asia generates quite a large amount of waste. 

Singapore is the highest country to generate waste, with 485.5 kilograms produced per capita. If we view Indonesia, it occupies 6th place with, each person generating 255 kilograms of garbage.


Article Q4 Environment 2022 - Waste Management

Source: Waste Atlas


The 3R Concept


The issue of waste management has become critical. Therefore, it requires an appropriate approach. 

The 3R concept (reduce, reuse, and recycle) is the most effective solution to reduce plastic consumption.

The first R is to reduce waste as the priority. We are advised to minimize single-use product usage because it helps reduce the amount of waste significantly.

In the second R, we can reuse goods. This notion encourages us to reconsider before throwing used products away. 

In the long term, reusing items will prevent you from spending unnecessary money by buying things repeatedly.

The last step is to recycle your waste or used items. You can transform them into raw materials or create new products from their initial form with different purposes.

In this part, you can get creative or explore new ways to do it.


Article Q4 Environment 2022 - Waste Management

Source: European Week for Waste Reduction


The Evolution Of The 5R Concept


As we’re growing and applying the 3R, waste management is required to be more efficient and address all concerns regarding the issue. Hence, the 3R concept was seen as rather general and needed to evolve into something more applicable.

Thus, the concept of 5R was emerging rapidly. The understanding and arrangement of the concept can be slightly different. It depends on the institution and how it applies.

Waste4Change breaks down their idea of 5R as an inverted triangle concept. The points are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery, and Disposal.

The first three have similar ideas to the previous 3R concept. The first step is to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle used items. What makes 5R different is the additional steps, which are Recovery and Disposal.

Recovery is the next step when you encounter unrecyclable items. You can find a new item by processing the residue of recycled waste.

This concern primarily applies to remaining products that contain harmful parts. For example, we can reuse discarded electronic components like copper, ex batteries or metals. 

During the recovery process, the authorities will take the remaining unused parts. They will process it accordingly to avoid endangering the environment.


Article Q4 Environment 2022 - Waste Management

5R Concept

Source: Waste4Change Mendukung Konsep Hijau 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle)


In conclusion, various waste management concepts can guide us to recycle better. The process becomes more apparent, and you can also handle it more practically. 

Regardless of your choice, better to start it today!

Elabram Group also sees the importance of waste management for a better environment. As part of our Go Green campaign, we already have some programs to solve this issue. 

As the first step, we implement green recruitment where all documents are maintained in digital form or website. We’re also conducting virtual interviews, so the candidate won’t have to come to the office. 

We will incorporate further actions to continue promoting this movement.

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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