Beware Of A Job Scam! Here’s What To Do If You Find One

Job scam are prevalent nowadays. It happens due to digitalization and financial pressure to have a job immediately.

In our previous article, we explained how to identify a job scam. The first sign is you got an offer without applying for it. Second, you can make quick and easy money, and the job description is ambiguous.

The next sign is when the employer requests your personal and confidential information. Another obvious sign is that you must transfer money to some suspicious person. Lastly, the recruiter’s identity is vague and misleading.

Those signs can help us determine a fake job opportunity. However, no matter how careful we are, scams will continuously circulate the internet. 

Here’s what we suggest to avoid fake job advertisements.




In the first effort, the only way to ensure a job post’s validity is to conduct proper research. A company’s information is often easy to find.

In a search engine, you can start by searching for general information, such as an address or phone number. After that, you can use the company’s online presence to initiate a further investigation. 

A good and well-known company usually has an official website or social media accounts. In this circumstance, you can see it in their activities and media content.

You can ask the official account about the job description, requirements, company information, working culture, and other details in the interview.

Be bold and ask them specific questions about the job or the company. A scammer won’t get into a job or company details, and it will blow their cover.

Moreover, you can determine whether it’s a real or a fake vacancy by verifying the job opening. In that case, You can reach out to the company that posted the ad.



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Monitor and Report

Often, job scam can seem very legit. Their job post doesn’t look like a fraud, and you fell for it. Moreover, If you engage with the scammer for too long, It makes them easy to ask for some confidential information from you. They can also get your private information through unknown URL links and attachments, which may lead to phishing.

In addition, You must review every anomaly in your bank account transactions. If you find one, It will be better to report it directly to your bank provider.

Thus, you should routinely monitor any suspicious activities within your personal information.

Also, you can add extra steps to protect your account in some platforms or bank provider accounts. In this matter, you can regularly change your password and review security and privacy settings.

In your device, you can implement additional protection like antivirus software.

If you may find scam activities, the most effective action to prevent this action is to report them to the police.

If the scammer uses an actual company name or posts in official job portals, it would be better to notify the company about this potential fraud.


In conclusion, we should be aware when searching for a new opportunity. There will always be a person with harmful intentions who benefits from the pressure of getting a job.

It will be better to look for a job on trusted sites and places. 

At Elabram HR Solutions, we take job fraud issues seriously. We value our candidates and ensure the best experience when applying for a job at Elabram.

You can contact us via our phone number or email address if you encounter anything suspicious. You can also reach us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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