Four Reason Why Having Friends at Work Can Benefit You

Would we have the benefit of having friends at work? Some people may raise this question many times, especially if they have yet to have true mates outside of office life.

Most people may need to realize the importance of having friends at the workplace. As we know, many workers nowadays separate their personal and professional life.

While separating your private and work life is okay, having friends at work is a point to consider. It has several benefits that can do wonders for your career.

Here are the perks you should know about having friends at work.


Improve teamwork engagement quality

Some people may feel that having friends may reduce productivity for professional reasons. For example, It is a difficult feeling when we want to provide a critique or express a different important opinion to our friends in the team.

Nonetheless, If you can maintain it in the correct method, having positive friends can raise the productivity of teamwork engagement between internal and external divisions. 

Besides, having friends can help you understand how to do your job effectively and broaden your insights. Especially your friend’s success can inspire you to be better and vice versa. 


Building mutual trust and communication

Friends mean you’ll have a reliable and understanding co-worker and circle within the workplace. This relationship can build team spirit to push each member to reach organizational goals as a collective aim.

However, finding someone to discuss work-related discussions is challenging because you need someone to understand the situation and advise you. 

In reality, you can only find several “office mates”. This relationship demands mutual trust within each other, and this process takes a lot of work to establish. As we know, we need time to understand people’s interests and their characteristics.

Do you want to know how to differentiate it? Here are the examples below.

Firstly, competitive colleagues will exhibit signs such as being overly competitive, jealous of your achievement and subjectively judging you. In the worst case, they are willing to harm your career.

Meanwhile, your real friend will do the opposite. They will motivate you, celebrate your achievement, and willingness to support you in any condition.

If you and your team can achieve mutual trust and communication, this atmosphere can establish collaborative and supportive circumstances to develop ideas.

We must highlight that trust and healthy communication are signs of healthy company culture.


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Office life friendships can impact job satisfaction

Job satisfaction can come in many forms: a higher salary, career growth, a good leader, an appropriate workload, and a supportive environment. Friends or an office environment is also crucial when someone joins a company.

You would believe it or not. Some people will earn extra motivation when they come to the office due to their office mates.

Nowadays, we mostly spend our days at work. Therefore, the comfort of the office significantly impacts whether we want to stay for a long time.

Imagine if you have to spend long hours in an office with negative vibes and even worse co-workers. You will probably look for a better place where you’re more comfortable.

On the contrary, a great workplace with friendly and helpful employees will make you stay for a long time. Their positive energy will radiate, and you will enjoy engaging with your colleagues. 

You’ll also have a fruitful discussion that can generate a unique solution for your problems with this friendship.

Consequently, it can also develop your sense of belonging and more involvement in work activities.


Expanding career opportunities

Friendship in the workplace does not only benefit you inside the office. Someday, it can help you in expanding your career opportunities. 

This situation can occur because some of your office mates may move to another company. 

When your friends already comprehend trust and your capability, they can recommend you to colleagues who are probably looking for someone with your skills. 

This recommendation is essential in office life. As a rule of thumb, your skills and intelligence will only be well-spent if others believe or notice your expertise.

Therefore, having friends and connections is important as developing your skills. You’ll lose a precious opportunity to expand your career if you never start it.


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In conclusion, having friends at work can convey many advantages. It can increase productivity, mutual trust and job satisfaction. Besides that, Friendship also expands your career opportunities, opening up possibilities for a better career path. 

If you can correctly build an office friend circle, you will gain significant support from the team in reaching company goals. This relationship also motivates you to do better at your job in the future. 


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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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