5 Benefits Of Pets As A Stress Reliever!

It’s astonishing to find out that having pets can help relieve stress. The effect is due to most people seeing pets as a huge responsibility.

You have to take care of them, feed them, take them to walk and play, and more. It’s almost like taking care of a child.

However, the benefits of having pets are something that you should consider. Especially in a time like this, you will need a company you can lean on. 

To learn more about the benefits, here’s why having a pet friend can help improve your mental health.



Reduce Stress

Did you know that having pets can help to relieve your stress? A study by Hopkins Medicine shows that touching your pets, especially cats and dogs, can release the feel-good hormone called oxytocin. The same hormone is found within the mother and children bond.

Petting your animals also helps to lower your blood pressure. One research shows that sensory motion relieves stress, calms you and lowers your blood pressure.

You will feel more relaxed by having contact or simply watching your pets. It does not only apply to dogs and cats. For instance, watching fish swimming in a fish tank can give the same effect.

The companionship of your pets can also reduce your anxiety. Their positive energy radiates toward you and can improve your emotion.

Lastly, playing with your pets can bring laughter. Therefore, it can increase your happiness and brighten your mood.


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Encourage You To Be More Active

We certainly think having pets means we should cater to our loved ones’ needs. 

For them to be happy, we should take them outside and play with them all the time. For example, you can go to a park or stroll around the neighbourhood.

However, those activities also have a positive impact on our health. The fact that having pets helps you exercise is often overlooked. 

Taking them for a walk or playing catch forces your body to move. Hence, you also get a short exercise time, and your health will improve. Finally, a healthy body reduces stress and leads to a healthy mind.


Help You To Socialize

Are you struggling to go out and socialize with people? Don’t worry! Your pet can come to the rescue!

Walking in the park benefits your health or your pets’ mood and boosts your social life. You can meet fellow pet owners and make new friends.

People who have pets tend to look more approachable. In this case, people will stop by to chat with you about animals or play with your pets.

You can also have a lengthy conversation while waiting at the vet. Sharing some tips will cost you nothing. Instead, it will enrich your knowledge about your pet, or something new.

Furthermore, you can gain a community by sharing the same interest. You can find one by going to pet events, joining an animal club, or a pet discussion group online.

As social beings, we can’t deny our need to interact with others. Thus, a lack of interaction can affect your sanity. 

In this case, human interaction can help relieve stress and relax.


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Ease Loneliness And Depression

As fellow humans, we need some form of interaction to maintain our mental condition. 

One benefit of having pets is the therapeutic effect. They can fulfil humans’ position in terms of the need for touch. They are also great listeners. So, you can talk to them all day without worrying about being unheard.

If you sometimes find it hard to socialize with humans, why not favour a pet?

Your pets may offer you unconditional love and activities. They are loyal, accepting, and can be affectionate.

The bond you establish with your pets creates a sense of companionship and togetherness when you play and interact with them.

Caring for your pets also shows a sense of purpose to the owner. Therefore enhancing your self-esteem and helping lowering depression.


Having Pets Help To Organize Your Routine

Normally, having pets requires you to plan some activities. These activities include giving them food three times a day, taking them to play in the afternoon, and giving them a bath at least twice a week, etc.

This schedule helps to organize your activities and establish a routine. Hence, you will have clarity in your daily activities and a tidy schedule.

An organized routine can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels caused by disorganized activities.

In conclusion, having pets generates a lot of benefits for yourself, particularly in relieving your stress and be your best friend!

They can calm you in a way that humans can’t. They are a loyal friend and a great listener as well. Moreover, they can improve your mood and bring positive energy into your life!

So, are you ready to add a new member to your family?

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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