The Role Of HR In Employees' Mental Health

Human Resources or HR can be crucial in maintaining the employees’ mental health. Since they spend most of their time at the workplace, it can affect their mental state. 

With the company developing a comfortable and appreciative environment in the workplace, It will automatically increase your employees’ productivity. 

Thus, we will explain several reasons why the HR team is crucial to employees’ well-being.


As A Benefit Or Facility For Employee Well-Being

For the first reason, people begin to realize work-life balance and mental health. This concern occurs because of the current job demand and lifestyle situation. 

Therefore, the company’s stance on employees’ mental health will be one of the most significant factors determining the business’s future. It is also an influential factor when candidates decide to join a company.

As the HR team in the company, they can prepare several options regarding employees’ mental health. One example is medical insurance that covers psychiatrist consultations. Some employees can reach out for assistance outside the office with that benefit.

If the company may have more than 1000 team members, the HR team can also consider hiring a psychiatrist who will become the workplace’s main facility.


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Develop Communication And Destigmatize Mental Health Issues

For the second reason, communication is one of the keys to understanding a person’s mental health. As a human resources representative, it’s necessary to interact with all employees because the team must understand the staff’s condition.

With that interaction, HR can notice the signs of mental issues or other anxiety. For example, HR can establish a group discussion focusing on mental health. After hearing about many employees’ problems, HR can accurately assess the employees’ situation and focus on further treatment.

Another option for the HR team is to use a personal meeting approach between employees and HR to communicate the problem. Then, the employees can speak honestly about their issues. So, the company can handle the matters accordingly. This strategy can also build mutual trust between employees and the HR representative.


Establish A Mental Health Aid Strategy

Mental aid strategy is one of the leading solutions to maintaining employees’ mental health steps. At the beginning of the process, a company shall determine the program’s demand for mental awareness. The HR team must divide the requirements based on job stress level or position.

Besides that, the team must also highlight to the management that this strategy’s foundation requires full support from the company and its ecosystems. This reason relates to the budget allocation and the company’s situation in determining the best program.

In ensuring this initiative’s success, HR can consult an expert or consultant first. Those inputs can help to provide the best strategy.


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Mental Health Training And Wellness Activities

You have an impressive strategy and an appropriate budget to implement the approach. Nonetheless, the implementation will only be effective if your employees understand it.

In building a mutual understanding, HR should train the employees in the sense of mental health. In this case, HR can provide training and workshops periodically every year. 

This shared understanding leads to better practice of the company’s mental aid strategy.

Besides the workshop, we can add more activities regarding this strategy. The company can also arrange activities like yoga, aerobics, Zumba, swimming, and other group workouts. 

Additionally, wellness activities can be in other forms, such as lunch together or hanging out after office hours. It will improve team bonding and teamwork between the employees. Those activities will also lead to better company productivity.


In conclusion, HR’s role in maintaining employees’ mental health is crucial for the employees’ well-being. 

The reason for this concern is that many employees currently spend most of their time ineffectively. 

It leads to mental health problems and employees’ productivity. So, The HR team should mitigate this issue with several efforts.

In the first effort, HR representatives can arrange benefits, including mental health support, and provide a professional psychiatrist as part of the benefits package.

Additionally, the HR team should build excellent communication and strategy for mental health aid. The practice should consist of training and wellness activities. 

With those efforts, the company can hope the consistent productivity by the employee during the business process.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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