How To Lift Your Mood Without Costing A Penny

Are there any ways to lift your mood at no cost? Most people think that you must spend a lot of money to improve your mood.

However, some activities can light up the atmosphere effortlessly. Plus, you don’t need to spend your fortune to do them.

Here are some ways we recommend to lift your mood without cost!


Explore Nature

Did you know exploring nature is scientifically proven to brighten your mood? To bring relaxation, you can first surround yourself with green scenery. 

The natural environment can reduce stress and motivate you. In addition, you can go for a walk or spend your time under the sun.

Soaking in the sun and walking for a while can prompt serotonin and endorphin hormone production, which increases your happiness.

Moreover, sunbathing for 5-15 minutes helps prevent vitamin D deficiency, decreasing fatigue and depression.

Overall, getting in touch with nature carries a lot of benefits. 

However, if you can’t find time to go outside, you can bring natural vibes to your home. Pick plants that are easy to maintain, survive without a lot of sunlight, and are suitable for indoor situations.


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Bring a smile to put sorrow away!

The next step to eliminate your sorrow is to smile and laugh for instant happiness! 

When you laugh, it helps ease the tension, which makes you more comfortable and energetic. Hence, it’s another way to lift your mood at no cost!

You can easily search for funny videos on the internet or put on your favorite music and dance to it. Simple things like that can instantly uplift your spirit for free.

Expressing emotions using your body can initiate facial feedback and force your brain to feel the same. 

This situation will affect your frame of mind and those around you. 


Treat yourself

Besides exploring nature and finding a fun thing to play with, you can sweeten your feelings by treating yourself with kindness. For example, you can attempt gestures towards yourself by taking time off for a mindful and relaxing moment. 

For instance, you can read your favorite books, test some aromatherapy, or clean up your house to help you relax. 

Those activities can help to keep negative thoughts from your mind.


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Spread kindness

Previously, we discussed how treating yourself with kindness will bring joy to you. However, spreading kindness to others will bring you the same happiness. 

For instance, reaching out to your loved ones can be the next cure for your negative emotion. As social beings, we require some form of human interaction to sustain our functions.

Direct contact with your loved ones can solve this need. In-person contact can release neurotransmitters that control your stress response.

Spare time to check on your family and friends to discuss your day. You can also have dinner, play games, or spend time in nature together.

But what if you can’t meet them in person? Don’t worry. You can still be in touch! 

Technology advance helps us a lot, mostly connecting us to loved ones online. Most apps are free and have various features, and they are ready whenever you need an instant mood booster!


Adjust your lifestyle

The last step to do is you can adjust your lifestyle. Do you know that lifestyle is one of the crucial aspects that affect your mood? 

Adjusting your lifestyle can lower inflammation and balance dopamine. Lifestyle changes can influence your mind and brighten up your emotions without cost!

Adapting to a new lifestyle can be challenging, especially when you do it all at once. Therefore, it’s easier to start slowly and build your habit.

For example, you can start exercising. You can jog around your neighborhood, do yoga at home, or do a quick stretch. 

You can start doing the workout once a week, then slowly incorporate it into your daily schedule.

Besides that, you can also limit your time on your gadgets and electronic use. Set the alarm to remind you to stop using your device, and turn off the light when you go to bed to get more quality sleep.


In a nutshell, you can lift your spirit without spending a cost by doing effortless activities! 

You can start exploring nature, watching funny videos, and listening to your favorite music to bring instant happiness.

If you need a way to keep your energy up, reaching out to loved ones is also a great option.

Moreover, spreading kindness can be the next cure for negative emotions.

Also, you can make lifestyle adjustments to balance dopamine hormones that can affect your emotions.

Doing it step by step will lift your mood in a positive way

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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