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Hiring candidates during the holiday season is unusual for most businesses. We often see lots of job advertisements appear early or in the mid-year, and rarely at the year-end.

However, recruiting at the end of the year benefits your company. Usually, November and December are the slowest time for most businesses when workloads decrease significantly.

Therefore, recruiting at the end of the year can give advantages to your company. Here are some benefits that you will get from hiring during the holiday season!


Plenty of best candidates at the end of the year

The first reason to hire candidates during the holiday is that you’ll find more candidates available! 

The end of the year is an excellent time for most potential candidates to find new opportunities. 

This situation can happen because most companies have slowed their operation during this period. It provides plenty of time for some candidates to explore different roles as the new year embarks.

With better time space, the recruitment process will become smoother and benefit the recruiter’s effort to find the most suitable candidate.


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Less competition for talent acquisitions!

The next benefit is less competition for acquiring the best talent! A survey shows that companies post fewer job vacancies in December

With fewer competitors posting vacancies, your company’s job ads can find the spotlight! Your company may get ahead of other companies to hire top talent next year.


Time Efficiency During Recruitment Process

Another reason to hire on holiday is to maximize the recruitment duration process. Often, the recruitment process is the biggest challenge due to the user’s schedule. 

This issue plays a significant role. It will affect the candidate’s decision to take the job.

If the hiring process takes too long, the candidates might withdraw their applications. They may prefer another promising offer due to the slow recruitment conclusion.

With this condition, the employer should start over again all hiring processes. It costs the company significantly in time and budget.


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Maximize your candidates’ onboarding experience

The last advantage of hiring candidates at the end of the year is preparing them to have the best onboarding experience.

As discussed previously, most work and company operations unwind in the final year.

On the employers’ side, It means that the leaders can have more time to train the new joiners about the new targets, expectations and working process adoption. 

From the candidate’s perspective, they can have more time to adapt to the organization’s culture and working style and understand the company regulations. This process can reach optimal productivity faster.


To conclude, there are many benefits you can get by hiring at the end of the year. For instance, you can find plenty of the best candidates as they are looking to start a different career next year.

You also find fewer competitors during the holiday season! Your job ads will have a bigger chance of attracting top talent. 

Additionally, you can utilize the final year to conduct in-depth interviews with candidates with more time. 

With those efforts, the end-of-the-year recruitment process can offer the company more room for a faster process. So, the business won’t have issues with candidate withdrawal in the middle of the process.

So, are you ready to welcome the new talent this season? To read other exciting recruitment tips, click here!

AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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