Return To Work Anxiety? Let´s Cope Before It Gets Worse!

Almost everyone experiences anxiety when they return to work, especially after a long vacation. Unlike others, some may look forward and be excited to return to the workplace.

Whether you spent your holiday in a short or long time, it’s not easy to bring back your old routine. Luckily, anxiety can be managed easily.

If you struggle with anxiety before returning to work, we will show you the proven ways to make the transition a little easier. Let’s start with the first one!


Acknowledge Your Feelings

Acknowledging your anxiety feelings is the first step in facing your return-to-work anxiety. It doesn’t mean that you should focus on your negative emotions.

You need to understand that feeling anxious is normal. We do not feel embarrassed because you are the one feeling this way.

Confronting your fears and understanding them is the first step to tackling them. The more you accept the situation, the less anxious you will become as you resume work.


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Plan Ahead

Preparation is the key to feeling less anxious! For the record, you can arrange your vacation return time a few days before returning to the office.

Thus, you can start by practising and adjusting your daily routine to combat first-day jitters. Creating a to-do list of things will catch up to us returning to office reality.

For example, you can lay out your outfit so your morning will be less rushed. Furthermore, you can schedule your task or plan your meals.

All you need is a pen and paper to help your mind relax and make your return to work seem far less daunting. 


Back With Your Buddy System

You might spend your holiday with your family or loved ones, but they can´t go together to the office.

Therefore, building your buddy system in the workplace is essential since you spend most of your day there.

Having a buddy system will help you manage the anxiety on your first day positively. You can start by communicating and reconnecting with them before meeting them in person.

Once you meet them in person, you can go out for a coffee or have lunch together to make going back less painful.


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Focus On The Positive Mind

Thoughts, feelings, and behaviours impact the other. It is easily shifted once the stress has triggered a negative response.

When it comes to anxiety, our thoughts are very powerful. Anxious thoughts can lead to negative feelings. 

Hence, you can stop focusing on all the negative parts of returning to the office. A positive mindset is another way of coping with this feeling.

In getting a positive mindset, you could experience the great things about working with your colleagues. One example is joining an exciting conference, training skills and many more!


Seek Professional Help

Feeling anxious about returning to work after some time off is normal. However, you might need professional help if it interferes with your daily moves.

You can ask your human resource about any well-being programs available. We do not need to hesitate to contact any health professional for support.

They can help you in controlling your anxiety and help you to prioritize yourself.


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In short, for some of us, returning to the office causes an anxious feeling. Nonetheless, it is a normal feeling to go through the adjustment period.

You can overcome anxiety about your office return with a few simple tips above. If these tips don’t make you better, it is advisable to contact any professional help.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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