5 Recruitment Agencies Myths From Candidates', Are They True?

Myths surrounding recruitment agencies make some people doubt dealing with recruitment agencies.

In light of job-seeking competition, finding the most suitable candidate for a company is also challenging. Therefore, recruitment agencies appear as the solution to both parties’ problems.

However, the ongoing rumour about the recruitment agency’s reputation hinders their effort in getting the best candidate.

Thus, we’ll clarify some of the most common recruitment agency myths from candidates’ perspectives!


Candidates Have To Pay To Work With Agencies

The first myth is the most common misunderstanding regarding a recruitment agency. Candidates are free from any charge and don’t have to pay the agency to get a job! 

The company’s client hires recruitment agencies because they require assistance in searching for suitable candidates for some positions. 

Hence, a recruitment firm will never charge candidates starting from submitting their CV to the onboarding process.

If an agency asks you to pay for a job, you should stay away and find another agency quickly.


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Recruiters’ Commission Is Deducted From Candidates’ Paychecks

Most candidates think the recruitment firm will cut their wages for the commission fee. However, this myth is far from the truth.

Recruiters from a recruitment agency will get their fee based on a candidate’s salary percentage. Nonetheless, the agency will charge it to the company or employers.

As for the candidates, the employer will pay the salary according to the agreement without additional fees or charges.


Recruiters Will Put You In Random Jobs To Get Fees Quicker

The notion of recruitment agencies putting you in random jobs is notoriously alarming. This myth needs to be straightened out.

Recruiters are responsible for finding the best person for the job. In this case, they will determine that the applicant’s background is a good fit for the role.

Recruitment agencies will not risk their credibility with the employer and candidates because it might impact their reputation long-term.

Thus, recruitment agencies need to place candidates where they are comfortable and willing to stay long for the job.


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Recruitment Agencies Have Similar Vacancies As Other Job Ads Online

In another popular myth, candidates assume recruiters post similar vacancies in online job portals or company websites.

While that statement can be true, recruitment agencies usually have specific job positions for some candidates. 

The employer relies on connections that agencies already have to source their candidates. Therefore, your chance to get your dream job becomes bigger!


Recruitment Agencies Delay The Recruitment Process.

Last but not least, most rumours say that recruitment agencies tend to delay the recruitment process. This excuse is one of the reasons candidates are hesitant to join them.

Quite the opposite, agencies establish structures and direct connections with their employers, which drives the process faster.

Even though the hiring process may require time, the recruitment duration is also essential to the recruiter’s reputation and the employer’s satisfaction in fulfilling the demanded position.

Additionally, employers will only pay the agencies once the candidate has settled into their position for the deadline target. 

Therefore, moving fast is the key to the recruitment agency business.


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In conclusion, many myths surround recruitment agencies from candidates’ perspectives.

Most candidates believe they must spend some budget when the recruitment agency approaches them. Also, the recruiter will place them in random jobs.

Additionally, some candidates fear that the recruitment agency will delay the process.

However, those myths are not valid. Recruitment agencies always have some advantages in connecting candidates to their employers because of their direct connection. 

Those advantages smoothen the hiring process. It also enables candidates and employers to fulfil their requirements in finding the most suitable person for the position.

Candidates who submit their profile to a recruitment agency can help to gain the best job with minimum hassle. 

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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