AI Revolution: How Does It Improve Your Job Searching?

AI implementation in the working industry helps revolutionize many aspects, especially job search improvement.

The technology is an infamous virtual assistant to help finish your task efficiently, and millions of people are using this.

The HR field is one of the industries that benefit from the artificial intelligence. The function covers a broader range, but AI in recruitment is the most popular. Primarily it benefits recruiters and companies.

However, AI also has excellent benefits for candidates in job searching. Here are ways how AI improves your opportunity to get a job!


Find and recommend relevant jobs

The first advantage of using AI in job searching is that it helps us to find and recommend relevant jobs. Manual search is often limited to your capacities and knowledge of a profession.

In this case, AI searches for a job based on your skills, location, education, experience, and more. As a result, AI shifts narrow searches to open-ended recommendations.

AI programs also show jobs relevant to your interests that you might yet consider but match your skill sets or experience.


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Provide transparency and minimum bias

Another way AI improves job search is to reduce bias and give transparency to you. 

The system utilizes algorithms to read long job descriptions in vacancies, find specific keywords, and match your strengths.

Besides, job titles can be different for each company. It’s essential to pay attention to the job description instead, which is what AI does.

Another benefit of AI focusing on your skillset also minimizes bias occasionally appearing during the candidate selection process. 

Hence, candidates will get a fair representation in showcasing their capabilities to get the job.


Increase response time

Usually, it takes time for candidates to hear updates from recruiters, causing them to wait without certainty. 

Recruiters will have to review hundreds of applications manually. It also makes your chance slimmer because the recruiter may skip your application.

The thorough analysis that AI offers can save more time for recruiters than manually reviewing all resumes. It provides data insights for recruiters to match their needs quickly. 

Quick selection time leads to quick interview scheduling. Thus, it reduces the recruiting time, and you can get selected faster. 

Even if you don’t get hired, you can quickly move on to find another job without wasting so much time waiting for one vacancy.


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Applicant Tracking Systems

This last improvement is one of the most familiar technology implementations towards the recruitment field.

Applicant tracking systems or ATS use AI to find information in the resume that matches the job requirements. 

ATS also helps with other hiring processes, such as interview scheduling, notifications, and sending automated emails to recruiters and candidates.

Furthermore, the program will place the most qualified resume at the top of the list, making the selection process more efficient.

You can benefit from this technology by following how they work. When you’re applying for a job, tailor it specifically for the job by writing specific keywords in your resume. 

Doing so will leverage a chance for the recruiter to pick your resume.


To summarize, AI technology helps to improve candidates’ job searching efforts. The first benefit is to help you find and recommend the best job according to your skills and interests.

The next advantage of AI is to provide transparency of job clarity, mainly with the description and requirements.

Another thing you can utilize AI is to increase response time for you. The program can read through all the resumes effectively, hence abbreviating the time to process the application.

Lastly, AI helps leverage your resume’s chance to pass the requirements in the Applicant Tracking Systems. 

The technology can find matching keywords in your resume to the requirement, then put your resume on the candidates’ top list.

There are many benefits that AI provides, and those are just a fraction. In the future, AI may develop more to assist us in finding jobs.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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