Myths about recruitment agencies from employers’ perspectives are still popular and entirely inevitable. 

Previously, we’ve discussed recruitment agencies’ myths from the candidates’ viewpoint. Both have a similar impact that makes people reluctant to use agencies’ services.

However, those false ideas can hinder you from the benefits of recruitment services. 

Thus, we’re here to help you debunk some of the stigmas of recruitment agencies from companies’ stances.


Companies Can Recruit By Themselves

The first myths about the recruitment agency is that companies can find the best candidate without agencies’ help.

While the statement is true, you can only partially allocate your whole time to focus on one vacancy. Nonetheless, it’s challenging when you have multiple openings, especially in specialised skills.

Meanwhile, agencies have more capability to tackle this challenge. They have the expertise and the profile database to get the best candidate.

That doesn’t mean agencies must go without listening to your requirements. 

Instead, they are helping by sourcing and recruiting the best candidate most suitable for your requirements. You still have the opportunity to assess the candidate.

Using recruitment services also helps avoid bias in observing the employment market because of the company’s culture.


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They Don’t Understand The Business

The next impression of agencies is that they are clueless about the employers’ business. As a result, they will be incapable of finding outstanding recruits.

Conversely, recruitment agencies have the capability to understand the business due to their experience.

A recruitment firm has worked with various industries and understands the demand.

Their insight can help employers to decide the best candidate to fill the position and how to attract candidates.

You can look for agencies with years of experience to ensure that the agency can handle your inquiry.

Additionally, you can research the agency’s profile online or inquire about a company profile from the salesperson.


The Fee Is Expensive

Expensive fees are one of the reasons why employers are reluctant to hire agencies’ services.

Nonetheless, it takes much effort to get the best candidate. In the first effort, the recruitment firm advertises the job through various channels to search for the most suitable candidates. In the second method, the agency requires time and process to grow the profile database.

After searching effort, the recruiter must also conduct the recruitment process, including resume screening as well as interviewing process. 

With that effort, some challenges may also occur mid-hiring. For example, the candidate decided not to proceed with the job. The recruiter has to start the process from the beginning, which consumes time and cost.


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They Send Random CVs

Most employers assume that agencies only post the vacancy and send random CVs. 

Nonetheless, this assumption is wrong. Agencies’ recruiters work hard to deliver the best candidate to the client.

They assess your company requirements, whether it is new roles or headcount replacement.

Recruitment agencies also estimate the salary market range and utilize their contact database to sort the best candidates to match the demand.


A Barrier To The Recruitment Process

This last myth is one of the most common misperceptions among employers.

Some employers may view it as creating a new phase and barrier during recruitment. Therefore, using a third party is unnecessary and a waste of time.

However, those notions are far from the truth. Agencies’ primary focus is to find the best candidate quickly. The recruiter has an enormous number of candidate databases. In that case, they will efficiently spend time completing the task.

Combining their experience and great connection, you will save more time than doing the process by the company internally. 


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To summarise, companies have certain stigmas towards recruitment agency services. The first popular myth is that organisations can recruit by themselves. 

Recruitment agencies also charge enormous fees, while they only send random CVs. Other false perceptions about agencies are that they don’t understand the companies’ industry and are unnecessary.

In reality, benefiting from agencies’ services can bring many advantages to your business. They can help you find the best candidate with the best budget in no time.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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