Looking for Recession Proof Jobs? Here are The Top 5

In these uncertain times, people tend to look for recession-proof jobs. They want a promising career that will last a long time. Thus, they won’t have to worry about unemployment.

However, some fresh graduates may need guidance to choose the best job that provides a stable career. Getting ready for a new job can be quite challenging, and picking the best opportunity is crucial.

Therefore, we will explain what makes a job recession-proof. Additionally, we’ll give you five recommendations for recession-proof jobs!


Characteristics of recession-proof jobs

Before we dive into the details of recession-proof jobs, we must understand what makes specific jobs recession-proof.

The first characteristic of recession-proof jobs is providing universal and essential services. Additionally, these jobs also support big sector businesses and government demands. 

This type of service will always be around based on people’s demands. Even though a recession may occur, the industry will have a higher chance of surviving. Hence, it will strengthen your career stance from the recession’s impact.


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Type of recession-proof jobs

1. Financial services

The economy is an essential aspect globally, especially in handling finances when a recession possibly occurs. 

Massive institutions such as governments and corporations need people to manage their assets. They also secure their wealth to avoid more significant risks from the recession.

Thus, financial careers are also in high demand because most jobs require professional certifications, which only some can accomplish.

Careers examples in this industry are accountants, financial advisors, auditors, tax accountants, bookkeepers, financial analysts, insurance brokers, actuaries, and more.


2. Educational services

Everyone needs education for future investment, such as getting jobs or roles like research and development. 

Education must run smoothly despite the economic condition. Therefore, a career in education services can have more significant opportunities to last a long time. 

That’s why selecting a career in education can give you the opportunity for career longevity. 

Moreover, the career isn’t limited to being a teacher or lecturer. A career in school administration and counseling can be another option.

Besides, the educational field is expanding from formal settings such as schools. Informal education includes offline courses, boot camps, and on-demand education are emerging to give you a vast opportunity.


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3. Medical and health services

Medical or health services is another sector that will always stand regardless of the economic situation. That’s because human beings and animals have to maintain their well-being.

Medical and health is another field that requires specific training and skills. Hence, talent will always be in high demand.

However, it’s not limited to doctors and health practitioners. Health services also accommodate other education degrees, such as nurses, pharmacists, lab scientists, therapists, administration staff, and public health services.


4. IT professionals

In the digitalization era, IT has become the backbone of huge industries. Most companies today rely on digital data and systems, exposing them to various cyber threads.

Thus, protecting digital assets is a priority for many industries and making IT talents crucially needed.

Even though a few events proved that IT talents aren’t immune to recession, they will get a new job quickly because businesses require their talent.

You can explore IT professional jobs such as software developer, programmer, web developer, IT security specialist, and IT technician.


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5. Government and public services

Another recession-proof career is in the government and public services. They will continuously operate to serve the public despite the economic circumstances.

This field also provides various positions for different education levels. As a result, this field is widely available to many people.

Jobs in this field include law enforcement, firefighter, public administration staff, social worker, and other positions in government offices.


In conclusion, several jobs will last despite the economic recession. These jobs mainly exist in essential industries that humans need daily.

You can look for a job in financial services, medical and health services, the educational field, IT professionals, and public services.

Even though those jobs don’t guarantee they’ll be immune from recessions, the industry’s longevity will help improve the chance for candidates to last in their positions.

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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