4 Reasons Why Employer Branding Matter

Employer branding term is recently rising in popularity as a significant factor for business.

According to CIPD, employee branding is a set of attributes and qualities that differs for each company.

Employer branding showcases a specific employment experience and attracts people with similar ideas to thrive in its culture.

In short, employer branding is how employees, candidates, and clients perceive a company and what image the business wants to display.

Why does it matter for the business? This article will explain why employer branding benefits both candidates and customers!


Attract The Best Talent

One of the reasons that make employer branding essential is to attract top talent.

Alongside social media popularity growth, candidates nowadays look for a robust company with an excellent reputation online. If the company can showcase its values, it will result in a better positive image in front of the public.

In addition, most candidates even willingly look over high payment in return for non-monetary benefits such as a well-established company culture, a positive working environment, and supportive and appreciative co-workers.


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Cost And Time Hiring Efficiency

A further benefit, employer branding can save the company’s time and budget in searching for new employees. How does it work?

Firstly, a well-known brand saves advertisement costs for the talent market. A positive company image will attract candidates effortlessly without having to post many job ads on different channels. In this situation, candidates will automatically find the company because they believe in its reputation.

Lastly, the company’s recruiter can utilize this moment to absorb them into the internal talent pool. Additionally, the excellent image encourages employees to give referrals to the company. It helps to save time rather than scouting new candidates.


Increase Employee Engagement

Another reason to develop your employer branding is to increase employee engagement. 

The company can involve employees by acknowledging them. They are part of your company’s vision and brand in every activity. 

The involvement will increase their morale and engagement as they feel listened to, which increases their productivity.

Besides that, employer branding increases candidates’ trust in the company’s reputation, which minimizes the risk of them quitting mid-hiring.

Additionally, proud employees tend to sustain their job and feel more secure, affecting retention. Research from LinkedIn shows that a powerful company image decreases the turnover rate by 28%.

A well-known brand gives pride to the employees and motivates them to promote your company online voluntarily. 


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Establish Credibility For The Customers

Lastly, emphasizing your brand and culture can impact your credibility with the customers and the public.

Our first three reasons discuss mainly the employer reputation impact on candidates and employees. However, employer branding to impress customers is also crucial.

Surely, professionals and top customers desire a company with a solid brand and shared values. 

For this reason, a strong brand image will maintain your reputation in front of your clients. Let customers know your core mission by reflecting on how the company runs its brand and business.


To summarize, employer branding significantly impacts your company’s reputation, especially in this growing digitalization era, where people can learn about your business practice online.

For instance, an established company image appeals to high-quality candidates who want to grow in a company that understands their values. 

Most even prefer a company willing to offer great non-monetary benefits, such as a conducive working culture and environment, rather than receiving a higher salary.

Secondly, having a powerful brand image will increase candidates’ trust in your company and make hiring more efficient.

The company’s reputation also extends to employees’ willingness to give referrals which can save much time and cost from job ads arrangement.

Furthermore, your company branding can increase employee engagement and boost their morale. These can grow their pride in the company and impact their productivity and job retention.

Finally, a compelling business image can develop trust in gaining reputable customers. They want to work with a visionary company that shares progressive values.

Those are a fraction of employer branding benefits. You can figure out more advantages while slowly building your image. 

So, are you ready to show your brand values to the public?

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AUTHOR: Sibil Aina
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