About Us

About Us

In 1999 Elabram Systems Group was incorporated, aimed to become No. 1 manpower outsourcing and recruitment company in Asia Pacific for Information Communications and Technology industry. Focusing on Manpower Solution Outsourcing (MSO), Network Planning Optimization (NPO), Workforce Management System (WMS), Workforce Mobile Devices (WMD), E-Pro – Project Field Tracking, and E-Pro – Project Field Tracking – the team consist of experts of finding the right candidate.

Elabram builds networks of clients from prominent technology companies and experts from diverse professional backgrounds. Let us know what you are looking for by clicking here. Candidates, find your career breakthrough – check out our vacancy here


To exceed expectations in Manpower Solutions Outsourcing (MSO), and Workforce Management Systems (WMS) in the Asia Pacific Region. To be your preferred choice of HR Solutions to deliver our Professionalism, Passion and Promise to clients, job seekers, and ourselves, for all to achieve work-life success to have total satisfaction and maximize each potential.


Managing the Complexities of Human Capital for you and your Workforce. Our in-depth understanding of our customer’s requirements allows us to deliver quality solutions and maintain long term relationships. Elabram believes in integrity and effective management. With an empowered, dynamic and innovative workforce we create a strong backbone for your organization; dedicated to excellence in service and a commitment to standards of high quality.

Core Values


  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Respect
  • Sincerity

About Us

主要服务领域分别为人力资源外包(MSO),网络规划和优化(NPO),人力资源管理系统(WMS), 人力资源移动设备(WMD), E-PRO-项目计划追踪管控以及软件解决方案。