Smart City and Smart State Solutions

Smart City & Smart State technologies attract citizens, business and economic opportunities that improve quality of life, while also making city operations more efficient. These new applications rely on a modern networking infrastructure platform that enables continuous connections with new classes of intelligent devices for improved decision making.


Elabram Systems use the latest Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to deploy of additional smarter city & smart state applications over time, your city can greatly reduce long-term costs and accelerate speed of deployment for these new services and solutions.


Smart City

Smart City


Smart State

Smart State

We combine, synergize and collaborate between internal and external sources to achieve high goals. Connecting people, ideas and resources to blend in one direction is our concept. Concentrate in each field and combining them altogether for greater result. Community development is our aim. We bring technology and economic development to people doorstep.



We have lines of partner that expert in their fields, fund, sources & resources running with us. Working with us means working with wide variety of sources capabilities and open minded for possibility to collaborate with new one. Strong sources are our key.

Project Valued
Million (USD)


1. Develop Minapolitan Area in Pandeglang Regency
2. Develop Tourism Center for Pandeglang Regency
3. Lighting for Villages in Pandeglang

Government Body Collaboration

1. BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises)
2. Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
3. Pandeglang Government
4. Ministry of Village
5. Development of Disadvantaged Regions And Transmigration

Field of Expertise

1. Economic
2. Funding
3. IT
4. infrastructure
5. Energy
6. Transportation

Contact Us

Feeling tired of conventional way to track your field project and engineer? Having better control on project is essential for a successful project delivery. Reach us out and tell us more!

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