Workforce Solutions
Workforce Management Systems (WMS)

WMS is a web-based application to manage employees and enhance workforce administration. This system is licensed to clients for independent usage. Elabram uses the same system to manage huge number of our workforce in different countries. Hence, we understand the complexity of workforce management and we want to share our successful experiences and solutions to our clients.


Elabram provides maintenance and supports for the independent licenses, including on-call support, service improvements and systems transformation services that adapt to individual client’s needs. Our WMS covers as follows:


  • Contract Management
  • Asset Management
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Expenses Claim System
  • Business Trip Claim System
  • Escalation & Approval System
  • Authorized Approval
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Employee Database
  • Mobile Attendance
  • Leave
  • Overtime
  • Expenses Claim
  • Business Trip
  • Escalation & Approval
  • Dashboard

Mobile Attendance – Fleet Management

E-Pro is a field service solution that provides mobile applications to track and monitor projects’ activities. It enables clients to have better control on the status and progress of projects. Clients can also have visibility on project costing versus budget to enhance the overall risk management on projects. Elabram provides maintenance for the use of independent licenses including on-call support, service improvements and systems transformation services that adapt to individual client’s needs. E-Pro gives solutions for:


  • Project Tracking
  • Project Monitoring
  • Project Assets Management
  • Resources Management
  • Time Attendance
  • Location Tracking
  • Output Tracking
  • Billing Tracking
Workforce Mobile Devices (WMD)

WMD is a field communication solution with rugged and smart phone features. Equipped with features that facilitate logistics, warehousing and retail use. This mobile devices has been certified with IP65. It has adopted LTE technology to enable data communication in the field become possible. The advantages of this enterprise mobile phone include:


  • Integrated 1D / 2D barcode scanner
  • Reserved surface for RFID / NFC
  • Desktop docking station (optional)
  • IP65 & LTE ready


WMD is an open integration solution with other Elabram’s services – MSO, NPO and WMS; which allows clients to have workforce management applications in their mobile devices.

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